Did you know you can rent Cricut Cartridges?

I was thinking that it be great to be able to rent cartridges for your Cricut machine. You could try it out before you spent $40-$100 on it to see if you really like it, or, if you just need a cart for a particular project like a baby shower you could rent it for as long as you need it. Cool idea right. Why didn’t someone think of that before? Well Someone did, I found this site: crabbycrowcartridgerentals.com. they work like Netflix, you pay a monthly fee to rent 1 or two carts at a time. When you mail the one you have back you get the next one on your list. Cool Huh. I have not used this service because I can do pretty much anything I want with my SCAL software but if you love the Cricut carts you may want to give them a try.

Speaking of Cricut cartridges, see what I made with Wild Card and my new Rubber Cafe stamps. Deal Aleart: free shipping code for The Rubber Cafe: HNY2009

Cards by Lindsay weirich 2009
Cards by LindsayWweirich 2009

I love how the dew drops sparkle! You can buy them at the rubber cafe or if you have a glue gun you can make something similar, read how here.

To make the card I laid all of the parts out in design studio. I kept it all on one mat and cut it out in several different colors so I can mix and match to make different valentines cards, there are candles in the design too that I will use on Birthday cards! I stamped Happy Valentines Day on the inside of the card with brown then stamped Trailing Hearts with clear embossing ink and then dabbed on red and pink Pebbles chalk. I ran the bottom layer of the cupcake through a paper crimper (OK that’s a lie, I didn’t have a paper crimper so I used a tube wringer, a devise used to wring out tubes of paint so you get every drop, there I go saving money again!) then I inked it to show the texture. I tied ribbon around the bottom later before adhered it to the base. TIP: tie your ribbon upside down for a perfect bow every time! Then I added pink dew drops and adhesive pearls for sprinkles. I like them but then again I’m especially fond of cupcakes, vegan ones that it!

If you are using the Wild Card cartridge without Design studio just set the size for the card base and keep the dial set there and all of your layers should come out the right size. Do not use the “real dial size” feature. If you want to try out wild card before you buy check out Crabby Crow! BTW Cricut Carts are on sale for $40 and accessories are 40% 0ff at Jo-Anns January 11th-31st!

Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend and as always, happy crafting!

8 thoughts on “Did you know you can rent Cricut Cartridges?

  1. My LSS has $5 rentals for 3 days. I got a Cricut for xmas and haven’t really used it yet. When I do I think I’ll see if I can rent the Hello Kitty cartridge. Love your projects.


  2. Very cute projects! I recently found your blog through a link from another blogger. I wanted to comment that the gal who owns the crabby crow is interested in selling her business (name & cartridges).


  3. I know some people that are starting an enterprise class company to do just that! Their model is also like Netflix but will be a lot cheaper than Crabby Crow’s offerings And they have the entire library of cartridges, not just the common ones, like Crow (which was my biggest complaint).
    They anticipate offering service starting in the next month or two and I CAN’T WAIT!! đŸ™‚
    Check them out at http://www.chirpexpress.com or e-mail info@chirpexpress.com to find out more or get an e-mail once they go live.


  4. hello i am thinking of buying a cricut express machine can you tell me if it can be linked to the computer instead of using cartridges,hope you can help,many thanks…


    1. Hi Jan, That is what scal is for! you can use most of the fonts on your computer and svg files that I give out for free. With the version that they just released you can even concert any simple clip art into a file you can cut! It’s awesome!


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