Retail Therapy…and a toot too!

So a girlfriend and I decided that we needed some “retail therapy” the other day and made plans to visit a new vegetarian restaurant for breakfast then head over to the new bead store in town (OK not exactly new but we have been home-bound, each with out own set of twins and an older child to boot but they all went off to school this year so we have a couple of precious hours to shop, who wants to bring toddlers into a bead shop…seriously.) Well I got gift certificates to the restaurant for Christmas, yay, but I find out they went out of business Sunday (Boo!) No Problem, we will eat somewhere else and still hit the bead shop, Nope, closed for inventory (Waahhh!) New plan, OK, A-HA there is a stamp store in Orono and a funky little store/cafe next door we can grab a coffee and check out Judy’s Scrappin & Stampin! Sometimes when things don’t go according to plan it is simply wonderful! We walk through the door and I ask “Where are the stamps?” Judy replies “All the wood-mounted ones are over here and they are 50% ! Sale starts today!”

Did I slip on the ice, am I unconcious? Who is thes crazed person?
Did I slip on the ice, am I unconscious? Who is this crazed person?

Fully stocked shelves on the first day of a sale! What luck. I am a happy camper!

never alow yourself to be photographed wearing 5 layers of clothing.
Note to self: never allow yourself to be photographed wearing 5 layers of clothing.

See what I bought…

Wow! what a haul, most of it half off!
Wow! what a haul, most of it half off!

And my faves are these…

Don't ya love that sentiment?
Don't ya love that sentiment?

The sign stamp is famous in Maine. We have towns with names of other countries, I actually grew up in China…Maine that is! My childhood friend’s dad is an artist and he painted that sign, I’ll have to make her a card with it! The Maine sign stamp is by Silver Fox Stamps.

All in all it was a fun morning although my friend, Kathy, had a cold and REFUSED to be in any of the pictures…you are probably thinking Is there a Kathy? Do you have any friends? What’s up with the pigtails?

*As for the Toots, I get home and check my email and FOUR of my cards have been accepted for publication in Just Cards! and Scrap & Stamp Arts magazines!!! WoooHooo!

BTW Judy’s Scrappin & Stampin is easy to find, located in downtown Orono. Call her at 207 889-8000.

Thanks for indulging me a long rambaling post! Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!

7 thoughts on “Retail Therapy…and a toot too!

  1. Look at YOU! You’re adorable!! Congratulations on the publications and what an awesome deal on the stamps! I’m WAY over due for some retail therapy, too – but am saving my $$ for the stamp convention coming to Indy in March. Have fun playing with your new goodies and keep us posted on when your cards will be published!


  2. Great photos and comments Lindsay…put smiles on my face too…it seems like the Confessions of a Shop”stamp”aholic!


  3. Great stuff, Lindsay! I stopped by Judy’s not long after you did. She told me you had been in. Love your photos. Happy Stamping!


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