A Grouchy Card and a Cricut Tip!

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you enjoyed New Year’s Eve an had a safe and fun night. Hubby and I stayed in, we sat down to watch some TV and about 5 minutes after the lights were out I fell asleep! Serves me right for staying up well past midnight every other night this week! My Mom and I took the kids to see Sesame Street Live a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to send her a Thank You card. I thought what a great chance to try out the new Sesame Street Friends cart from Cricut…BTW they added it to the December Design studio update and that update works with Sure Cuts a Lot. After long debate I updated and everything works fine. If you haven’t updated SCAL since the original version you will need to but it is easy and free (all update are included when you by scal and you can use it on 2 computers at one! and they have a Mac version too!) Here is the card I made!


I’m not much for using “character” craft products, or paper-piecing but I just couldn’t help it! That grouch is too cute. I forgot to cut eyebrows so I penciled them in with a brown pastel (AKA chalk) pencil and added details in the fur with black pastel pencil. I grunged up the trash can and sign with ink. I used screw top eyelets on the corners.

Now for the tip: Cricut says that their mats will last 25-40 full mat cuts and when they lose their stickiness they should be replaced. Oh contraire! Here are 3 mats that I have been using for 3 years!

Use Spray adhesive to make your mats sticky again!

Use Spray adhesive to make your mats sticky again!

Here is how I keep them sticky. Wash them with a dish rag and dish soap and let them dry completely. They will probably be as good as new after this but if they are not tape them to a piece of cardboard (the tape should cover the edges so the sticky doesn’t gum the rollers of your machine up when you use them) and spray them with a multi purpose spray adhesive. Let dry for 5 minutes and replace the cover. If you are in a rush skip the washing and give it a quick spray, just be sure to wait the full 5 minutes before attaching your paper or it will be permanently mounted to the mat! My favorite brand of spray is by Artworks but quilter’s basting spray will work well. Test the spray by squirting some on a scrap of cardboard and letting it sit for 30 minutes, if it is still tacky it will work!

Well, my kids are building forts in the living room and I think there is a territory dispute so I better go tend to that! Happy New Year and Happy Crafting too! Thanks for stopping by!

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