The Craft Diet: It’s easy, It Works and it’s Fun!

Oh boy, it’s that time of year again…time to walk the strait and narrow and make up for all of our holiday indulgences. Before you run out and but the latest Zone, South Beach, Atkins, Best Life book on the self save yourself $20 and follow my plan: The Craft Diet! It really works! Here is what you do, Don’t eat between meals, craft something instead! When you slum on the couch in front of the TV at night instead of reaching for a bowl of chips reach for a knitting or beading project instead. Yes, folks, it’s that simple. Here is why it works. There are two parts of your brain, Left brain (it is the logic side, it tells you when to eat, sleep,what time it is your checkbook balance ets.) and the right brain (it’s the la-de-da artistic side that takes over when you are painting, scrappin and stamping and has your family asking “where’s dinner?”). You see you lose all sense of the logic side when the right brain takes over. When I taught painting classes my students would say “I worked on my painting yesterday and the next thing I knew it was dinnertime and I realized I was still in my pajamas!”  It is so simple! Instead of snacking go create! And it helps if you get some exercise too, I just bought the Dancing With the Stars Latin workout video, I can’t wait to try it!

***I just did the whole Dancing with the Stars workout and it was a blast!!!**

BTW my friend Melissa has some awesome blog candy, she is giving away a big old stash of goodies, check here out here.

I have lots of deadlines and 3 kids home on Christmas vacati0n so the posts will be light this week but I’ll check in here and there…after all I have a new Expression to play with.  Also If you haven’t been by The Rubber Cafe lately there is lots of new stuff there including fun flock, I’ve been dying to try that stuff, I actually tried to make some but grinding felt in my coffee grinder..not recommended and it totally did not work LOL! But that’s OK cus The Rubber Cafe has a good price on theirs. Check them out here.

Till next time Happy Crafting!


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  1. I’m with you on the craft diet! I don’t think about eating when I’m absorbed in an exciting project. Just need to find a good exercise plan that I’ll stick to. I have several videos…so I don’t have any….anyways – Happy New Year, Lindsay! Best Wishes for a rockin’ 2009!


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