Finished calendar, a green tip and a freebie!

Happy day after Christmas everyone! I had a fantastic holiday, we spent Christmas Eve with my Husband’s family, Christmas Day with my parents and today we lounged around in our jammies and played with our new toys (one of my new toys is a Cricut Expression!) How was your holiday?

The Calendars I made for gifts this year were a hit. Here is a preview of my finished one:

My 2009 calendar!
My 2009 calendar!

To see the pages in more detail visit my stamping gallery. You can download my printable calendar template here.

A Crafty Green Tip: Save the plastic packaging that your kids toys come in. You will end up with large thick clear plastic sheets suitable for making mini albums or “Ghost shapes” It cuts easily with scissors or a woodburner with a fine tip, best of all it is free! You can also use it to make clear greeting cards. Regular transparencies are too flimsy for that but the thick packaging works great and it keeps the stuff out of the landfill!

Last but not least the freebie!

A little giftie for you!
A little giftie for you!

I took a photo of frost on our window the other day and used it to make this frosty alpha. It is all in one png file with some bonus snowflakes! No unzipping! to use the letters simply use your “magic wand” selection tool, click on the item you want and copy/paste it onto your project. Grab the freebie here. Enjoy.

Thanks for stooping by. I hope you have a happy safe holiday weekend (and I hope you got some crafty goodies too!) Happy Crafting!

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