Free Printable Calendar & Instructions!

OK, OK I promised a calendar tutorial today…well mine aren’t finished yet but the nitty gritty stuff is so here is what I have done so far:

Calendars by Lindsay Weirich 2008
Calendars by Lindsay Weirich 2008

I made my calender with a cool pdf program called PDF Calendar, you can download mine (an American/English version with the weeks starting on Sunday) here, or go make your own with other languages, fonts and setup here.

Here is what you need for this project: 13 Sheets of neutral colored cardstock to print your calendar on and an extra sheet for the cover (I used neutral tan by The Paper Co.), Binder clips (From an office supply store or any small clamp should do), Crop-a-dial or heavy duty hole punch, Comb binding (also from the office supply store, I got a pack of 25 at Staples for $5), Pattern paper (My Minds Eye: Wild Asparagus stack), photos, stamps, ink (I am using Stampin Up Old Olive and Creamy Caramel) and lightweight embellishments such as stickers and die cuts.

Step 1. Print your calendar pages and place a plain sheet of cardstock on top. Make sure they are in the correct order. Clamp the sheets together.

Clamp and mark.
Clamp and mark.

Step 2. Hold you binding comb against the top edge of your calendar and mark where the “legs” touch the paper.

Punch on marked lines.
Punch on marked lines.

Step 3. Punch two holes over the mark overlapping each other so there is room for the comb to slide through. Use the depth gauge on the Crop a dial to keep the holes in a row. Keep an eye ion the gauge though since it has a tendency to slip when punching through really thick material!

Insert the binding.
Insert the binding.

Step 4. Insert the binding.

The inside view of the bound calendar ready for scrapping (that's the fun part!)
The inside view of the bound calendar ready for scrapping (that's the fun part!)

Step 5. Trim paper to fit the pages. I trimmed mine 8 1/4″x10 1/2″ and rounded the bottom corners then inked with creamy caramel to give a “shabby chic” look. By using one line of paper it is quick and easy to coordinate and keep a continuous feel though the calendar.

Step 6. Print your photos. To make this a quick project consider putting only one 4″x6″ or 5″x7″ picture per page.

Step 7. Put it all together and wait for the praise! Seriously expect requests for another one next year!

I make calendar for my parents and Mother in Law each year and they love them, The year my twins were born I didn’t get one done and boy oh boy was that a mistake, my mom laid such a guilt trip on me that she got one for her birthday in February! Beware, once you start making these prepare to keep making them!

Enjoy your night, I’m have some girlfriends over to craft tonight (an hopefully I’ll finish my calendar!) Until next time happy crafting!

5 thoughts on “Free Printable Calendar & Instructions!

  1. Marnie, I scrapbook the pages inside, if you look at the last picture, the one of the open calendar, you will see that the bottom page is th calendar grid and the top is blank. I trim my paper to fit the top part and add my photos and embellishments there. Just make sure you don’t use anything too heavy or your calendar may hang crooked!


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