Let’s Make Paper!

OK this is a recycle…I wrote an article on paper making for the September issue of the Home and Garden guide (you can read it here) but I thought I would post all the pics that didn’t make it into the article. It is so easy to make paper at home, it’s beautiful and you use all of the little bits of lovely paper leftover from scrapbooking. I have a paper scrap organizing system that goes like this. Larger than a half sheet gets put back with my normal paper, half sheets go in my “use in the Cricut” pile, 2×3″ and larger goes into hanging files sorted by color, smaller pieces I punch with paper punches and then the scraps from that goes into the Jumbo slider bags assorted by color for paper-making. I also add any tissue paper from gifts to the paper making bags. When I have a bagful I toss it in the blender and increase my stash of paper goodness! Here is the finished product:

A card made with my handmade paper

A card made with my handmade paper

Here is how to do it! You will need: A blender, 2 wooden frames, 1 piece of plastic canvas, old towels (I like to use cloth diapers for this!) and sponges to absorb water, glitter and petals for inclusions if desired and dishpans or buckets to catch water. This is a great outside craft, good for kids too!

Gather paper scraps, a bucket of water and a blender

Gather paper scraps, a bucket of water and a blender

Soak your paper scraps in warm water for a few minutes and blend 1 cup of wet paper with 2 cups of water to make your pulp.

Pour the pulp!

Pour the pulp!

Place the plastic canvas sheet between your frames and pour the pulp into the top frame about 1/2 inch thick.

Add petals and glitter if desired

Add petals and glitter if desired

remove the top frame

remove the top frame

Take the top frame off and place a towel over the paper. Flip the “paper sandwich” over and remove the other frame and press on the screen with a dry sponge wring out as needed, lift off the screen gingerly peeling the paper off if it sticks. Lay another towel over the paper and flip again. Take off the wet towel and place a dry one on and press it to remove as much water as you can and place the paper somewhere clean and flat to dry.

That was easy!

Handmade paper: That was easy!

I love to use the leathery thick paper in my old fashioned die cutter. It makes lovely tags and accents…best of all you are recycling. Now go make some paper! Til next time happy crafting!



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