Customize it with your Cricut!

My husband and I were in Target the other night looking for lamps for our 4 year old daughters. We found black metal clip one ones for $10. They’re sturdy so we wont have to worry about them knocking them over and braking them but man were they dull looking! No fear, a little self adhesive vinyl (that I scored for free at my local sign shop) and my Cricut and we fixed that! I used my Sure cuts a lot software (that lets me cut any font on my computer!) and the fort DB Animal Occasion from (on sale now for $1.50)! The Cricut Cart Zoobaloo has cute animals on it too that would work and lots of places have them on sale right now! (see end of post for sales!)

stickers made with Cricut, SCAL software and DB animal Occacion font

stickers made with Cricut, SCAL software and DB animal Occacion font


The flower fonit is DB Pretty Patals from

The flower font is DB Pretty Petals from


This project is easy. Stick the vinyl (with the backing on) to the mat and set your pressure to 3 and cut like you would anything else. Remove the vinyl around the cuts you have made then you can peel and stick but if your design is intricate stick a piece of clear contact paper over the sticker and rub over it firmly so when you peel up the contact paper the sticker comes up as well then press the contact paper (with the sticker attached) to the lamp and rub over it and peel of the contact paper and the sticker should stay on the lamp. Try it, it’s easy! This is a great way to position vinyl on walls too plus the contact paper is way cheaper than the Cricut Transfer tape (and it works like a dream!) You can by vinyl made for the Cricut but for this project it is nice to have bits of several colors so ask your local sign shop if you can have their vinyl scraps…they will probably gladly give them to you!

I’ve seen some good sales on Cricut cartridges lately: most on sale for $29 til midnight tonight (usually $40)

AC Moore $39 in store this week

Micheal’s Thanksgiving day 6-9pm $29 in store

Please leave a comment if you know other places that are having sales, I’ll be skipping the sales due to my spending diet and that I am completely fulfilled buy what I can cut using SCAL!

Till next time happy crafting!

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