Don’t Forget to Vote!

My husband and I were watching Meet The Press a few weeks ago while we were still undecided and my 6-year-old asked “Why do you vote?” As usual I thought about how to explain this to him so he will understand but before I could my husband said “So we can pick who’s in charge.” Yes it is as simple as that. Go vote so you can pick who will be in charge! Here is a card I made to honor this wonderful tradition:, Cricut, SCAL
Stamps: Inkadinkado, Image:, Cricut, SCAL

I got an email from the creator of a great website any crafter who likes vintage stuff should visit. It’s called Vintage Image Craft and that is where I got the vintage image I used on the card…for free I might add! Click on crafts and you will find lots of beautiful projects all with free vintage images to download. I love the vintage Christmas Blocks project made from milk cartons, that project is where I found the above image. I think I will try to make the blocks on my cricut since I no longer have soy-milk boxes around now that I make my own!

Speaking of my Cricut, how about a couple of freebies:

I created the star card in Sure Cuts a Lot, then I remembered that I could make this with the trial version of DS and the George cart too so here are both versions.

Star card for Cricut Design Studio

Star Card for Sure Cuts a Lot (SCAL)

I hope you enjoy these, until next time happy crafting (and voting too)!

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