Faux Tearing, It’s Fun!

Here is a nifty little trick that will save you money on paper and postage. You can get the look of layered torn paper with an old magazine and a couple of ink pads.

The green paper is craftily applied ink!

The green paper is craftily applied ink!

Here’s how:

Inkpads and an old magazine

You'll need ink pads and an old magazine

First lay your card (or Scrapbook page) on an old magazine. then tear a sheet out of the magazine in half, the rougher the better and place it over your card. The part you see is the part that will be the “torn layer”.

Ink the card lightest to darkest

Using the torn page as a mask, rub ink the card working from lightest to darkest

Rub ink pads over the exposed card holding the magazine in place. *note: I used Whispers inks for this project. They are dye based and the pad is spongy so the look is nice and soft. If you are using Stampin up (or felt like pads) it is best to apply the ink with a brayer or cosmetic wedge. I like the Whispers pads because you don’t waste ink (the brayer method will use more ink), you won’t have a brayer to clean afterward AND you can get a caddy of 30 ink pads for $20 with your 50% off coupon at AC Moore!

shift back the page and ink a bit

shift back the page and ink a bit

Shift the top paper back a bit to expose a little bare card and lightly brush it with the ink pad.

re-adjust the paper and stamp

re-adjust the paper and stamp

Re-Adjust the paper and Stamp on a design if you wish. I used the Lace Flower stamp from The Rubber Cafe.

Antique with brown, Amazing!

Antique with brown, Amazing!

Rub on some brown ink if desired. Wasn’t that fun?

Try this on your Christmas card this year, it’s quick, fun and easy! It’s a good idea to buy re-inkers for your ink pads, you can find them on line or do what I do, the next time you are invited to a Stampin Up party buy ink to match the pads you have. Yes you can re-ink your pads with different brands and you can mix colors so you don’t need to buy every color. Just remember to use dye based ink on dye ink pads, and pigment on pigment pads. You can also use re-inkers to re ink your Brush tip markers…More money saved. If you want to learn how to make your own pigment and embossing ink click here.

Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting (and inking too!)



4 Responses

  1. Very cool trick!! It really does look like you used torn paper!! Love it!!


  2. Cool nifty little trick l!!!!


  3. Great idea … thanks Lindsay! I’ll have to give this one a try!!!


  4. Very nice! Thanks for the tips!!!!


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