Simply Ir{resist}able!

Want to do something fun with you stash of Rub-On transfers? Well here is something: Apply them to watercolor paper or white cardstock then paint over them with watercolors! You can also stamp with clear pigment ink, emboss in clear and paint over that too…so much fun how can you resist?

Stamps by the rubber cafe, talk about irresistable!

Stamps by the rubber cafe, talk about irresistible!

The lovely stamps used here (Framed Heart and Scroll Border) are from The Rubber Cafe. I used Elmers Paintastics to paint over the rub-on and to “ink” the scroll boarder. Paintastics can be found in the kids isle of your craft store, there cheap and the are wonderful, the paint is in the brush and you can refil them or fill them with plain water when you are done for a waterbrush…recycling, got to love that!

Have a great weekend and happy crating!



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  1. Thanks for visiting my Blog!
    Lindsay, you can get a slideshow and display it anywhere – it’s not linked with Blogspot. You just need to go to and create your slide show, and then they give you an HTML code, which you can post anywhere. It will display your slide show regardless of place/website where you place it. Let me know if you have any troubles with that. Have a nice Weekend.


  2. Neat idea!!!! 🙂 You’re a genius!


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