Bridal Shower Set!

I threw a Bridal Shower for my sister yesterday (she’s getting married next weekend!) and I made this for her:

Bride wordbook and favors

Bride wordbook and favors

a pocket in the back to hold advice from shower guests.

a pocket in the back to hold advice from shower guests.

I’ve been playing will SCAL again. I made a bride wordbook with it and you can grab my files here. You will need to have the font Georgia installed for it to view properly. If you are a Design Studio user (free trial here) you can make this book by welding the rectangle form the “george” cart to the letters from “base camp”, of if you only have the free trial version of DS you can do it all in George!

Instructions: Using my files or make your own by welding a rectangle to a letter (make sure each progressive page has a longer rectangle so when the book is closed you can read the word) cut out each page of your book on pattern paper. Cut out each page again with the paper pattern side down on the mat to cover the back of each page.

Raid you cupboards and grab some cereal or cracker boxes (I used a big Goldfish cracker box from Sam’s Club) and trace the fronts of your cut paper and cut with an x-acto knife to make your “chipboard. *note: you can cut the cracker boxes in you Cricut with the regular blade, you may need to cut it a couple of times to go through but it will dull your blade. I’m frugal and x-acto blades are cheap so that is why I did mine that way!

Glue the pattern paper to the “chipboard”. I use yes! paste for all of my bookbinding projects because it dries slowly and it never winkles my paper plus a jar lasts many years! I apply it with a cut up credit card and squeegee it across my surface. Make sense?

Now the fun part! Decorate it! I inked the edges and printed funny bridal advise on big clear lables, cut out and inked (looks like vellum) and stuck them on, added vellum stickers, flowers brads and ribbon. I also but a pocket on the back to hold “bridal advice” recipe cards I made and gave to the shower guests to fill out.

To bind the book punch with a crop a dial or drill two holes 1/2 inch from the edge and slip a binder ring through each hole. Add ribbons and you are done!

For the favors I used Stampin up stamps, ribbon, and my Sizzix flower dies. For the instructions click here.

You can download the bingo card here. to play bridal bingo give each guest a card and have them fill in the squares with gifts they expect the bride to receive. The first to get 5 in a row wins!

BTW the party was a blast and she loved the book! Tomorrow I’ll show you how to bind a book without a bind-it-all. Get ready to save!

Happy crafting!



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