A painting, a card and a template, Oh My!

Heidi-ho there, I had a chance to play with that freebie kit from digital freebies that I linked to yesterday and I came up with this:

Hey, Cupcake!

Hey, Cupcake!

Here’s how I made it. I opened up a blank 11″x8.5″ document in Paint Shop Pro (but as always you can use Photoshop Elements or whatever image editing software you have). I also opened up the cupcake pattern paper. I cropped the pp choosing the area in the center so as not to get the distressed edges. Then I copied it and pasted it in to my blank document. I moved the pp to the right end of the page and re-sized it so the width was less than half of the blank document. Then I added a drop shadow to the PP. Flatten the layers. I printed out the paper, folded it in half and trimmed the unfolded sides for an even border.  If you only have software that lets you print photos just crop the paper and print it like a photo, trim it and glue it to a blank card for the same effect.

To make the cupcake I cut the bottom out of EK Success Architexture sheet metal (any foil or card stock would be fine too) then I cranked it through my paper crimper and inked it with black Staz-On. I cut the “frosting” out of self adhesive fun foam and added dots of tacky clue and guess what I used for the sprinkles…Baking crystals! Do you remember those? If you were a crafty kid in the 80’s you must have made sun catchers with them, there was a plastic outline and you had to pour the little chunks of plastic in the chambers they belonged in and there would always be that lone red crystal in the yellow section they you couldn’t get out until you knocked the whole thing over and an hour of work went down the drain…I wonder if they still make those? Probably some child welfare group deemed that craft too cruel and put the kibosh to it. My crafty SIL gave me a honkin bag of baking crystals and I never say “no” to crafty junk nobody else wants! But anyway I sprinkled some blue and pink crystals in the glue on the frosting.

I punched a 3/4″ circle and glittered it for the cherry and the scallop border I showed you how to make the other day. I also used a small heart hand punch to add hearts to the scallops…getting a sugar rush yet?

That’s about it! I also made a cherry stem out of a scrap of brown paper. I have print and cut template if you would like it here, and a SCAL version here. The SCAL version will cut best in the blackout mode. Enjoy!

And now for the painting…

Copyright Lindsay Weirich 2008

Copyright Lindsay Weirich 2008

I couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I had a few hours to myself and I had started and almost finished a painting, well on the kids first day of school I finished it. I mentioned it so that I would have to finish it, kind of like throwing a party because you really need to clean your house, It’s motivating! Thanks for listing to the ramble, have a great weekend!


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