Barnyard bookmarks!

I made these a while back using the trial version of Cricut Design Studio and my George cartridge.

Animal bookmarks designed in Cricut DS

Animal bookmarks designed in Cricut DS

If you don’t have the trial version of DS why not? It’s free and you can download it here. Each of the bookmarks consist of a body and a head. When you cut them out and glue them together leave bottom half of the head glue/tape free so you can slip it over the page you want to mark. KWIM? PS if you are currently using SCAL with your Cricut you already have DS installed.

I thought this would be a nice project to do with the kids now that school is gearing up again. If you know any teachers that would like to use these in their classroom please send them to my blog so they can download it. Here is a “print and cut” version so anyone without DS can do the project. You will need to freehand the tail on the horses or use yarn. For best results decorate your animal before gluing! Click to download each, the pig, horse and the elephant.

Enjoy and have a great Labor Day!

*I fixed the Design Studio link, It will take you to Provo Craft where you can get the newest version that is compatable with Sure Cuts a Lot.

8 Responses

  1. thank you so much these are so cute thank you for sharing your hard work


  2. Thanks so much for sharing the animals i love them i cant wait to cut them out.


  3. Thank you so much for sharing, these are too cute!


  4. thank you so very much bless you and your time hard work and amazing talent and thanks againg for the fantastic gifts


  5. Your link is no longer valid.


  6. Oh gosh, you mean the design studio link! I thought you were talking about the bookmarks which are just fine. I’ll see if I can find the current DS Link and fix it, sorry!


  7. Just another Thank You for your downright clever ideas and Blessings for sharing!


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