Stamping with watercolor and watercolor crayons

Hold on to you heat-guns guys because I have a cool technique to show you! Did You know that you can stamp with watercolors? No not stamp, then watercolor, stamp WITH them. Here’s how. Get a stamp and lay it rubber side up on your work space. Gather your supplies: white card stock or watercolor paper, a brush, a palette of watercolor paints, a spray bottle with water in it and a bucket of water. Wet your brush and pick up some color from your palette. Paint it directly on the rubber portion of your stamp that you want that color. Rinse your brush and add more colors to your stamp. When the rubber is completely colored flip the stamp over and press to the paper. Mist the stamp with water and stamp again on another sheet of paper. You should be able to get 3 good images before recoloring. It will look like this:

stamped with watercolor paint on watercolor paper

stamped with watercolor paint on watercolor paper

stamped with watercolor paint on watercolor paper

stamped with watercolor paint on watercolor paper

You can also use watercolor crayons. You will need watercolor crayons, paper and a bucket of water. Dip the crayon quickly in the water and color a portion of your stamp. Repeat with other colors. Stamp as described above. It should look like this:

stamped with watercolor crayons on card stock

stamped with watercolor crayons on card stock

You can also use a clean wet brush to “pull” color around on the paper after you stamp to give it a painterly look. Have fun with this technique, it’s one of my favorites!

4 Responses

  1. WOW! How cool is this!! You are amazing Lindsay!! Thanks! I will have to try this!! Hugs….


  2. Very pretty cards Lindsay! I have tried this technique with twinkling H2O’s and distress ink (I pick up the ink with a brush and add it to the stamp, then continue with other colours … and at the end mist with water).


  3. What a great way to stamp! I have to try it now! I love all the cards!


  4. Lindsay, I would love to learn more about using watercolor directly on my stamps, especially watercolor paints. I have a small, but sufficient palette in my cottman pocket sketcher paint box. And I want to make the most out of the supplies I have. (Which is one reason I LOVE your work and philosophy.)
    I will look through more of your posts on the topic, but I’d love to see some newer videos, too.
    Some things I would like to know more about on this subject are:

    * ways I can make my paints a bit less watery, so that I have a bit more flexibility with the kind of stamps and applications I can make with my paints.

    * application methods. I’d like to experiment with maybe applying watercolor a felt or flannel pad, and picking the paint up off of the pad with my stamp. Or using a sponge. There are probably more methods I haven’t thought of. Have you?

    Even though some of your watercolor on rubber posts are older now, I think the topic is back big. I’d love to know more about things you’ve done with this combination of medium and tools.



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