A Card, A Tip and a Sale!

Hi All! I made another card with my handy-dandy SCAL software (scallop circle), Ellison dies (flowers) and Inkadinkado stamps. I love these stamps and at $10 a complete clear set you can’t go wrong, even better they are on sale all quite often for $6 at Jo Anns. Speaking of sales check out http://www.frugalities.com. They have everything 49% off through tomorrow! I have ordered from them before, they are the sister site to Addicted to Rubber Stamps (another of my online faves!) Now for the tip: If you want to add a stick pin to a card without poking holes in it which leaves puckers and bumps simply stick a piece of double sided tape on the back of a card stock element (the bracket frame in my case) and slide the pin between the tape and the card stock. It is neat and tidy and very secure!

7 thoughts on “A Card, A Tip and a Sale!

  1. I need to sneak into JoAnns today =P I like frugalities also, but I haven’t ordered there for a while. By the way, what is a SCAL software?


  2. SCAL is a wonderful computer program that let you cut any font you want with your cricut. It’s so easy to use too! It’s like have thousands of new cartridges for $70!


  3. REO Chreese is also great on noodles, etc. I haven’t tried it for grilled chreese sandwiches yet…they say you can do it tho! lol They also have an alfredo sauce but I’m not too crazy about that yet. I only tried it on spaghetti noodles…I will have to see if I can try it again on something else…but I am in love the the Cheddar Chreese!!!!


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