Faux Copic Tutorial part 2

Hello again,

Last week I showed you how to get Copic results with Bic Mark-It Markers. Such a fun tecnhique for really bright well blended images. The drawback being that none of the Mark Its were very light so subtle shading was out…not so anymore! I dug out my Prismacolor colorless blending marker (I have used it for years to blend my wax-based Prismacolor pencils and it works wonderfully!) and it does a fantastic job blending Mark-Its too! Here how to get really light blended colors with the Prismacolor Colorless Blender +Bic Mark-Its:

My friend Tracy stamped this cute “House Mouse” design on white card stock and gave it to me at my Craft Night last week and I thought that this image would be fantastic for this technique. Click on the photo if you want to see more detail. First I colored the fortune cookies with peachy-orange then shaded them with mustard brown (I am making these color names up to best describe the Mark-It colors). Then I colored the mouse feet and ears with peach and light pink. The lightest pink was too dark for the cheeks so I took my Colorless blender (CB) and touched it to the tip of the light pink marker and used that to rouge the cheeks. For the Mouse bodies I colored the edges with the light gray then quickly colored over it with the CB pulling the gray inward. For the gray shadows on the box touch the tip of the gray marker to the CB and color in the shadows with the CB. For the blue border shading run the light blue marker along one edge the color over it with the CB. Add more blue by touching the blue marker to the CB and coloring with the CB.

Stampabilities (House Mouse), PSX
Finished card. Stamps: Stampabilities (House Mouse), PSX

PSX, Inkadinkado

8 thoughts on “Faux Copic Tutorial part 2

  1. Oh, I love it!!! Thanks for showing me all the great techniques. Glad you liked the House Mouse. You are too clever.


    P.S. The names of the Bic Mark Its are listed on the sides!


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