Get Ready for Christmas: Gift Wrap Storage!

Everyone needs a gift wrapping station this time of year. It is no fun being hunched over on the floor trying to wrangle wrapping paper and ribbon (not to mention that none of my floors are clean enough for that LOL!) especially with all the gifts we need to wrap at Christmas. Today I am going to share with you how I store and organize my wrapping paper, gift bags, boxes and ribbon and how a create one spot that my family can use to wrap a gift and find exactly what they need. The big trick it keeping that table cleared off! Here is a video tour:

It makes sence to me to have my gift wrap station in my craft area but even if you do not have a designated space for crafts you can easily copy this idea in your home. all you need is a card table and a tall trash can to put your tall rolls of paper in and a short can to put your shorter rolls of paper in. A basket, box, bin or (my favorite) plastic rolling cart can corral scissors, tape, pens, tags and labels. You can tie your scissors to the tabel leg with string if they keep disappearing too! You can keep this station set up in the basement or guest bedroom so it is handy! Here are some still photos of my gift wrap corner:


I know it is not the most beautiful space but it is functional and I can wrap my gifts in minutes without needing to hunt for tape or crawl on the floor to find a space to wrap. I hope this takes a little ‘hectic’ out of your holidays this year! Til next time happy crafting!


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