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Hello friends! After filming my Mardens haul video yesterday I had a bit of a panic because I had two fabric projects looming in my future so I thought “Hey, I’ll replace the cover on my butterfly chair now because that will be a quick and easy project.” You can probably guess where this is going huh? You’ve probably even uttered those words at the start of a project. But it never goes as quickly or easily as expected. How hard can it be, it is basically a pillow case with flaps on the back to hook it to the chair. Or so I thought.  I decided in preparation for my jacket lining project I would use a seam ripper to take the cover apart and remove the cushion inside than trace the old fabric on to the new fabric. Well, there were more pieces to that sucker than I imagined, the seams would not come apart and I ended up just tearing the rip in the back (that is why I am recovering it BTW) to remove not one rectangle cushion but two asymmetrical cushions and I immediately forgot what way they went in as soon as they came out! Crapola, I have no clue how to even begin this project and I am beginning to doubt the 3 yards of fabric will be sufficient to finish it (I was too cheap to shell out the extra $3.99 for another yard.) I took a deep breath and pondered my lot. I grabbed some paper, a measuring tape and figured out a way to make the cover from scratch with re-enforced pockets to hold the cushion on the frame. I laid the old cover on my material a couple of times to make sure I could fit my pieces before I cut and I sewed that sucker good! What do you think?


This is my favorite spot to crochet. I like to sit criss-cross applesauce in this chair and crochet while watching TV. I’m happy to report that it works just fine! The kids have been in it a lot today but they have been warned not to jump on it for I will tolerate no shenanigans that cause another rip in the back. I am not sewing another one! I think that I will keep my eyes peeled (at Mardens of course) for a 40″ zipper so I can undo the top seam and insert a zipper so the cover and be washed but that can be done anytime. I am happy with it. My husband thinks the fabric looks like lawn furniture. Well, it wouldn’t be the first time we had lawn furniture in the living room! :D I see what he means though. So, what are you making this weekend? I hope it goes as smooth as you hoped for. Til next time happy crafting!

Knit MacGyver Style!

I will be sure to keep my chewing gum, paper clips and duct-tape in this MacGyver style purse…wait, you probably have no idea what I am talking about do you? OK, This purse started out as a scarf until I had about a foot knit and I realized that I dropped the wrong stitch in the 3rd row of the drop stitch pattern and my lovey scarf was unraveling. Well, I did what any crafty ninja would and I snipped the dropped stitch and wove one end around a secure stitch and tied it off. I could not be a proper scarf now because there was a visual mistake on one side so I folded it in half (so the mistake was on the inside, stitched up the sides, crocheted on a handle and turned it into a purse!

DCF 1.0

Here is a tutorial on knitting the drop stitch stripe pattern, let me recommend you knit with your full faculties when doing this because if you get distracted you will end up with a MacGyver purse too!

Knitted purses can be tricky, unless they are tightly knit or made of wool and felted they are likely to be holy in a bad way. So if you don’t want to leave a trail of loose change, paper clips and gum wrappers behind you you will need to know how to line it and that can be done with non fraying, cheap craft store felt! So grab 29 cents before it falls out of your holy purse, buy a sheet of felt and learn to line that bad boy!

Now that was easy! Purses are a great way to try out a new stitch pattern or relieve the boredom that scarf knitting can cause, if you get tired making a scarf just fold it in half and make a purse! Problem solved.

DCF 1.0

Oh, and in case you have no idea who MacGyver is was very resourceful secret agent from the 80’s TV show of the same name. He could build a bomb from a bottle-cap, hairpin and a piece of dental floss and he always saved the day just in the nick of time.  The show is on Hulu if interested;)

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

WOYWW: Sewing & Silliness {How to Juggle Tutorial}

Happy Wednesday folks! I love Wednesdays because it gives me a chance to peek at hundreds of crafty desks through the marvelous event know as What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday! Here’s what I’ve been up to this week:

DCF 1.0

Sewing! My sewing nook is wonderful, it is ergonomic (no sore shoulders after a day of sewing) and since I have my big table I have room to iron and cut fabric (no more cutting fabric on my bed and hoping I don’t snip the bedspreads!) and I can keep all of my mess in my craftroom instead of overtaking the house.  Last week I asked if I should so a weekly video blog and the answer was a surprising (and resounding) yes, wow, you actually want to hear me gab about what’s on my crafty little mind?!? So here is my WOYWW video blog, grab 3 objects because today folks, we are going to learn how to juggle!

Once you learn how to juggle it is addicting (so I apologize if you had things to do today) there is something zen-like about it.  The juggling bags were made from my scraps from my shopping bag (carrier bags for you British folks) caddies:

DCF 1.0

I used to have this eyesore hanging on my door, all of those bags fit into the one caddy and I can even fit more! I made a smaller version for the car and dog walkers, I have to thank You Tube viewer Snoopy for the clever name P.U.P. bags, it stands for Pick Up Poop, way better marketing, thanks Snoopy! I’ll have a tutorial for you next week sometime!


The juggling bags are made from 5″x5″ scraps sewn up and filled with 3/4 cup of rice. I love no waste projects!

DCF 1.0

So what’s on your workdesk today? Leave a link, I would love to see! And be sure to check out Julia’s blog for all of the WOYWW fun! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


Tutorial: Make a Sleeping Bag and Tent for an American Girl Doll!

Did anyone get an American Girl doll for Christmas? Or any other 18″ doll? I made my twin 8-year-old daughters sleeping bags and a tent for their dolls this year.

DCF 1.0

I did not use a pattern, I made it up as I went along. The sleeping bag was easy, I made 2 in an hour. I used double-sided quilted fabric that I found at Joanns. This stuff is pricey ($20 a yard normally) but it was on sale and you only need 1/2 yard to make a bag and pillow. you will also need a 18″ zipper, some bias tape, fiberfill and a sewing machine.

DCF 1.0

To make the bag cut 2 rectangles of material 13″x20″. Insert the zipper then top stitch it down on the front side before you sew up the bag. Then sew up the bag and sew bias tape over the raw top edge. I like to use bias tape here rather than hemming it because it looks neater and has less bulk. For the pillows I simply cut two rectangles out of the leftover scraps, sewed them on 3 sides, stuffed it with fiberfill and sewed up the open side, easy as pie!

Tip: Rub the zipper with a bar of soap so it will be easy to open and close!

DCF 1.0

For the tent I bought 1 and a half yards of two cotton fabrics from the clearance bin, cut it down to 27″ wide, pinned them right sides together and sewed it up on 3 sides (both short sides and one long side is sewn). Tip: If you sew it so the selvage edge is the un-sewn edge you won’t need to hem it! Turn it right side out, it will look like a huge, unruly pillowcase. Cut two 20″x26″ pieces of cardboard or foamcore and one 16″x26″ piece. These are the tent wall and floor supports. Now with the fabric right side out you need to sew 2 dividers in the fabric. I placed one of the large boards in the fabric and marked along the edge to get a line to sew on. You want the material to be tight against the boards.

DCF 1.0

The flaps are tricky, after I made the tent I assembled it and traced the end onto newspaper and used it as a template to make the flaps then I sewed each flap to the front end. I kept the back-end open because I wanted to be able to remove the foamcore piece and replace it if it got bent or if I needed to wash the tent.

DCF 1.0

Best of all the tent is reversible and can be folded up and tucked in a closet or under a bed when not in use!  You will need ribbons (or velcro) at each end of the tent as well as on each side of the flaps to keep the tent up and to tie the flaps back. It is probably better to catch the ribbon in the seams as you work but you can just as well sew them on afterward. It is up to you!

DCF 1.0

This was a fun project and the sleeping bag and pillow would make a great sewing project for your child! thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Yet another way to make backgrounds & WOYWW

Here is something fun to try! Stick a bunch of small clear stamps on a  large block and viola! Custom background stamp! That is how I made the background of this card:

In case you want to see the technique in action here is a 1 minute video:

I have had so much fun making backgrounds this week:

And since it is Wednesday it’s time for WOYWW:

Nothing fancy, just the mess on my table while filming the video. Next week I’ll try to remember to post a photo of my kids art workspace. I am getting it nice and tidy before summer vacation because when they take time to create I get bonus crafty time too! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Off the grid {a tag}

Howdy, I am on vacation! Whoop! I decided to prepost a bunch of projects I had made here and there but never got around to posting so for day I have a thanks tag that I made for my son’s teacher:


I use stamps from SU! except for the letters which were from a studio G wood mount peg alpha set!


Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!

Button, button…who’s got the button?

Well, today that would be you (check out the end of this post for a cute vintage button digistamp freebie!) I used said freebie on my project today too as well as stamps from the Sew Pretty set from Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff:

Every designer has her favorites and this set is one of mine, you get 8 sewing themed stamps in png and jpg format but what I really love about this set is how easy it is to layer them to create unique “still lifes” or montages that you can color as I did here. I simply layered the png stamps and erased bits here and there (in paint shop pro but photoshop or gimp will work just as well) until it looked right. Tip: When you create a cool layered layout save it so you can print it again!

I used my new favorite markers to color this and if you have not tried Tria markers by Letraset you are in for a BIG treat (my poor copics might be gathering some dust now LOL!) I really like it because I can use them with my ProMarkers (the ink is the same, the big difference is that Tria has replaceable brush, chisel and fie tip nibs and are refillable) and they blend beautifully even though I have a small collection. BTW you are going to want to keep your eyes glued to this blog because I will have a FABULOUS giveaway in a few days that will totally color your world (hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink :) ) You won’t want to miss that COLORFUL giveaway!

OK now on with the show. I used the Sew pretty set on my card, this set coordinates with the Sewing Stuff single and the Posh and Trendy sets very nicely:

Sew Pretty StampsSewing Stuff Digital stampPosh'n Trendy Stamps

And here is your freebie-now grab it while you can because I’ve got some sketching brewing in my noggin that coordinate well with this and it’s freebie status might be in jeopardy if I end up tossing it in with a fab new set…as in get it while you can, don’t say I didn’t warn you :)

To download click on the picture, then right click on the larger picture and choose "save as" from the drop down menu. Enjoy!

Are you ready for this weeks Dollar Deals? Remember these sets are on sale for $1 but only til next Wednesday so don’t wait!

Crafty Tools & Puns StampsPretty Primative Digital Stamp SetShabby Houndstooth PapersSweetTreat SVG

Be sure to check back tomorrow when I will have fabulous eye candy from the Lindsay’s stamp stuff design team! Til then happy crafting!


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