Fun & Easy Watercolor Butterfly Doily Craft!

Hello friends! The project I am sharing with you tonight will make a great party decoration and craft to make with your kids! And it is affordable using supplies from Papermart. Watch the video to see how it is done:

To make the butterfly I first sprayed the doilies with my homemade spray inks (you can see my homemade ink spray tutorial here :) then shaped the doilies into wings. I also used the spray inks to color white raffia ribbon and wrapped it around a marker so it  would be curly when dry. Then I glued glitter on wooden clothespins and let them dry.  The antenna was made from star garland. I clipped the wings, raffia ribbon and star garland antenna together and added googlie eyes and rhinestones and it was done! These can be made in bulk assembly-line style for a party decoration too. Have fun with this project and til next time happy crafting!

Egg-ceptional & Elegant Easter Crafts!

Good evening friends! I just got back from the monthly library kids craft class I teach and we made some fun springtime crafts, I’ll share them with you later but first I want to show you the pretty decorative eggs I made using baker’s twine and ribbon from Papermart:

Make sure you use tacky glue for this project and save yourself some frustration. It grabs the string quick and dries pretty fast. I like the Aleene’s brand. After having fun making the baker’s twine eggs I tried to think of a way to adapt it for children, I had seen a yarn bunny on Crafts ‘n Coffee and thought what a great idea, then I thought I could make a chick too with the mini Styrofoam eggs! I scored 12 packs of the mini eggs and 6 packs of the large eggs at the Dollar Tree.

DCF 1.0

The nest was made of shredded paper and I am sad to inform you that my fabulous little hand crank paper shredder has “bought the farm” so the kids had to use fringe scissors but it all worked out well. So whether you want a trendy bakers twine egg (check out the yummy colors and awesome prices at Papermart) or a kids craft with yarn and felt the technique is the same but the ideas are endless! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Use Up Your Yarn Scraps ! {make yarn critters!}

Hello friends! I have to say I had big plans in my studio this weekend, however when I sat down to my desk it just wasn’t happening…also I wasn’t feeling too well, my tummy was squirrelly, I was tired and quite frankly cranky and dealing with a lack of creative inspiration was not helping either. Why am I sharing this you ask? Because I want you to know that it happens to us all, I spent the last hour shifting piles of blech projects around my table and decanting half full bottles of glue, glamorous huh? Sometimes though, even if I am not feeling inspired if I just go to my studio and tidy up a bit and take care of the neglected housekeeping projects that amassed while I was being wildly creative I feel better…and I will definitely feel better the next time I go in there full of inspiration because I will actually have a clean studio to create in! Since I really have nothing new to show you (you produce very little work of quality lying around on the couch) I thought I’d share a project I did with my children’s knitting group this week:

DCF 1.0

This is one of my most popular classes and with 12 kids (many new to knitting starting at age 5) I thought it would be nice to have a fun and easy project because they have been working so hard at knitting and crochet. The skill they learned was making pom-poms, I brought my Darice “c” shaped looms, my Susan Bates large Plexiglas loom and rectangles of cardboard…can you guess what they likes best? The cardboard LOL! We used up a bunch of scraps and all of the children had a ball…or a pom…making their project. That’s why I had half full bottles of tacky glue to deal with, boy that stuff is slow to pour LOL! I also ended up knitting through some stash while I was not up to par…I’ll have to show you the 6 new hats I’ve made…they are not that exciting but they are warm and with the new 12″ of snow we got this weekend they are needed! So, are you using up any scraps this weekend? Share your ideas, I’d love to hear them! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

A Corny Craft for Kids!

Good morning friends! Now, I bet a good chunk of my blog readers have children or grandkids in primary school. I also bet that they volunteer from time to time in their kids classrooms. Well, here is a fun project that is easy enough to do with a room full of children and it won’t put you in the poor-house either!

DCF 1.0

I tested this craft out last night at the local library and it was a hit! Plan on 20 minutes for a child age 6-9 to make this and you will not be rushed. Here are the supplies you need and they can be found for the lowest possible price at Papermart:

Twisted Paper Cord in yellow or Ivory ($2.69 for 25 yards)

1″ Pin Backs (.60 cents for 24)

Raffia Ribbon in brown ($3.26 for 100 yard spool)

Basic craft supplies: Tacky glue, scissors, golden orange cardstock, inkpads in brown, purple, red and orange and an embossing folder with a corny texture. *Please note: I embossed the paper before I brought the supplies to class. Please watch the video to see how easy it is!

Last night during the craft one little girl asked “Did you get this at Papermart?” Hahaha, I guess I know another chunk of people watching my videos! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

DIY Super Sporty Socks!

Happy Monday! I just noticed when I went out to walk the dog (in the rain) that I left the socks I spray-died out on the picnic table and hey, great news, the colors did not run! I love a rainy Monday  it’s like some higher power is saying “hey girl, you just ease yourself into the week…go paint something and don’t worry about the sink full of dishes, they will keep.” Of course judging by the state of my house you’d think every day was a rainy Monday LOL! So, this weekend we decided to make some fun socks for my girls to wear for softball.


Cute huh? These would also be great for soccer, roller skating and hiking because you should always wear tall socks to protect yourself from ticks! They are so easy too, in today’s video I’ll show you how to make the more complicated rainbow design, the one color design is even easier!

And here is a photo tutorial for the one color socks, just remove the elastics (AKA rubber bands) when you are done and let dry.


If you prefer to use fabric die I recommend purchasing a tie dye kit with squeeze bottles. It should come with soda ash, you soak the fabric (after tying) in the soda ash then squeeze the dye on the wet fabric. The soda ash will help prevent fading. I like the acrylic fabric spray paint because it stays bright and will not run in the wash. I used this kit from Oriental Trading. If you have any questions on this project just leave a comment and I will get right back to you! Happy crafting!

Kid’s Craft: Clay Shamrocks!

Happy St. Paddy’s Day! I just wanted to pop in with a quick craft that you can make with your kids today: Polymer clay shamrock pins!

DCF 1.0

I taught this to the children in my library craft class last week and they all turned out great. Here are the supplies you need:

DCF 1.0

Here’s how to make these. Condition 1-2 oz of clay (depending how big you want your shamrock.) Divide the clay into 8 equal sized balls. Take 2 balls and gently press them together then pinch them together on the bottom to make  heart and pinch the bumps at the top of the heat flat to make a leaf. Make 3 more leaves. Stick the leaves together by the points. You may want to make a small disk of clay to attach them to. Try to keep the pin about 1/4″ thick throughout. Dust the shamrock with gold eye-shadow or pearl ex. Add details to the brooch with a toothpick if desired  Bake per clay package instructions, cool,  and glue a pin finding on the back.

DCF 1.0

Note: I recommend Tacky Glue for gluing the pin on but it takes hours to fully cure (it will turn clear as in the photo when cured) but if you want to wear it today just use hot glue for now and re glue with tacky glue later if needed :P

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and as always Happy crafting!

Happy Fat Tuesday: Let The Good Times Roll!

I live nowhere near the Big Easy but that doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate! I made this colorful Mardi Gras mask using inexpensive products from Papermart. I have done this project in classrooms, summer camps and even as a birthday party activity. It is easy and fun and you can’t make it look bad. I used feathers, rhinestones, gold ribbon, metallic markers, hot glue, a bamboo skewer and cardstock to make this quick project. The mask template can be found here.

DCF 1.0

You can change-up the colors and make photo props or decorations to hang on the wall, it is such fun. Watch the video to see how it’s done!

Remember, if you are doing this project with the kids you might want to use Thick & Tacky glue or glue dots instead of hot glue, let’s all be safe out there! {Don’t burn your hands off!} :D

Thanks for stopping by and til next time let the good time roll, oh and happy crafting!

Free Crochet Tutorial: Lip Balm Amulet

OK, I think we all need to buy shares in the Chapstick company! Man, I am constantly buying and doling out tubes of lip balm to my kids. where does it go? I think it ran off with socks that always go missing. Am I the only one with this problem? Well, I for one have had enough of the kids losing their chapstick (oh and for those of you who say “just have the kids carry it in their pocket” you obviously have never experienced the chapstick-in-the-dryer scenario) so I crocheted them chapstick holder necklaces:

DCF 1.0

These were fun and easy to make! I used sock weight yarn (#1 weight) and a #3 (C or D) crochet hook. I also added a ribbon drawstring, beads (to keep the drawstring from pulling through), fray check (or you can use clear nail polish) to keep the ends of the ribbon from fraying and a homemade tassel.

DCF 1.0

This project is worked round in a spiral  I don’t often use patterns so my writing of one might be unconventional. I will explain how I made it and if you have any questions you can leave a comment. Really, though, you can kinda make it up as you go along, I always do. :)

DCF 1.0

Round 1. Start by wrapping the yarn around your left index finger (if you are right-handed, if you are a leftie I have no idea), slip the hook between the yarn and your finder and draw up a loop. Now single crochet 12 stitches in the finger hole. This is starting a round with the magic loop method. Once you master this you will never go back to making a chain and joining it for a foundation round!

Note: If you are using thicker yarn, use fewer stitches!

Round 2. OK folks, here is where it gets real easy. Double crochet in each stitch until you have made a tube a bit longer than a tube of chapstick, you are working in a spiral, you don’t need to join rounds with a slip stitch (you can if you want to, it’s your bag) and do not increase, you want the sides of your pouch to go straight up.

Step 3. Once the bag is as tall as you need it make a chain of crochet long enough to slip over someones head. This is all worked as one piece so you want to start this stitch straight from the last double crochet you made.

Step 4. Join the end of the chain on the opposite side of the bag with a slip stitch. You will notice that one side of the bag is a bit lower than the other because we worked in a spiral so to even it out make a row of slip stitches on that edge, as a bonus it will make the necklace more secure. Cut and secure the end.

Step 5. Add a tassel. Use the string hanging from the bottom to bind the tassel so it is strong and secure.

Step 6. Use your hook to insert a length of ribbon to the top of the bag. Tie beads on the end and add a drop of fray check (or glue) to both the ribbon ends and the knot. Insert the lip balm and give it to your daughter.

DCF 1.0

So, if you have boys I will be making a camo belt loop pouch later and I will share that with you after I work it out!

DCF 1.0

Again, if you have any questions (you should probably consult a reputable crochet website LOL!) just leave a comment. It is really easy. I plan to sell these at next years craft fair. I was working on one at a basketball game yesterday and the other moms thought it was brilliant, so it gives me hope that they will sell! thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

DCF 1.0

A Kid’s Craft: Gum Wrapper Bracelets & Bookmarks!

Yesterday I spent the morning in my son’s 4th grade class and I taught the kids gum-wrapper folding…Well, actually, an easier version with half as many folds! We used scrapbook paper, which is thicker than gum wrappers so it was perfect with fewer folds. Here are some of the projects we made:

DCF 1.0

For the large bookmark I used strips of paper that were 8 1/2″x1″ and for the bracelets I used strips that were 1/3″x4″. I wanted to work with a 4″ length because I could get the most strips from my 12″x12″ scrapbook paper with no waste. If you want to know the equation for figuring out how long and wide a paper needs to be, multiply the width of the strip by 8.5  or 9 if the paper is thick, or less than 1/2″ wide. Alternatively you can take the length of the paper and divide it by 9 to get the width. Don’t worry if it is too thick, you can snip a sliver off if you need too. Why an I explaining all of this? just watch the video!

So, at the end of the video I show you how to fold the paper with real gum wrappers, you can use candy wrappers too! That’s right, start saving your Starburst, Tootsie Pop and bubble gum wrappers and make yourself some snazzy stuff! BTW if the wrappers are square just cut them in half before you fold them:) Any paper will work for this; magazines, maps, scrapbook paper scraps, origami paper and even wrapping paper!

It did me good to craft with the children yesterday. They were so sharp and patient and creative not to mention polite! I would volunteer in that classroom any day  Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

WOYWW: Macaroni Art! {a craft for kids!}

Happy WOYWW! my desk is a bit, well, messy this week…


But look at the cuteness:

angel1 angel2

This is a project that I am making with children at the library tomorrow. These macaroni angels are easy! I am pre-gluing them so the kids can paint and decorate them. Here is a video to show you how:

Other than the macaroni I have odds and ends leftover from craft fair projects. The craft fair was a huge success  You can read all about it and see my booth set-up on this post. If you want to see more crafty desks check out Julia’s blog the Stamp Ground for more WOYWW fun! I’m off to meet a girlfriend and do some holiday shopping today. Til next time happy crafting


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