Quick and Easy Wire Wrapped Sea Glass Jewelry!

Hello Friends! I have a fun summer project to share today! I love collecting sea glass, it is a thrill to find these little treasures in the sand on a summer’s day. The kids love beach combing too. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do something with your treasures? Today I’ll show you how to make them into beautiful adjustable necklaces using supplies from our sponsor Papermart:

You can even use this technique with pretty tumbled stones or small tiles. If you don’t have access to the ocean you can buy sea glass at craft or dollar stores.

You will need:


  1. Cut 12″ of wire. Make a loop 2″ from the end. Holding the loop at the top of a piece of beach glass start wrapping the long tail around while trapping the short tail under the wire in the back. Pull the long tail back to the top and wrap around the loop for security. Wrap extra wire into a decorative spiral and press against the back or you can trim it off.
  2. Cut 30″ of cord and slid pendant on. Tie each end to the opposing side with a surgeons knot. Tie the loose ends in an overhand knot close to the surgeons knot, trim and burn ends.

I did this class with two groups of children this week and they loved it! You might have to make the hanging loop for them but then they can manage the wrapping. I hope you try this fun jewelry project, it makes a great gift! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Perfect Jewelry to Make for Mom…

Good evening friends! Have you given thought to this years mother’s day gift? Maybe you want to help your kids craft something special for grandma (or the grand kids craft something special for mom.) This project is easy and all you need is some 20-24 gauge wire, beads and 3-in-1 pliers (or round nose pliers and a wire cutter.) Watch the video and see how easy it is to make these pea pod pendants:

I recommend placing a bead for each child in the pendant, you could even use birthstone colors if you like.

Want more Mother’s Day Jewelry ideas? How about a bird’s nest pendant? (time required: 30 minutes, skill level beginner)

Or the Tree of life pendant (time required: 1 hour, skill level intermediate/advanced)

Wire working is fun and I hope these tutorials inspire you to create something beautiful for mom this year. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Beaded Baubles!

Happy Sunday Friends! Just a gentle reminder to those who live in the US that we have returned to standard time and you should have moved your clocks ahead last night. I like the longer days, I have been waking up early lately on my own so I hope it makes the transition easier. That said I was at a crop last night until 11:30 so I am feeling a bit groggy today. I was supposed to scrapbook but I didn’t feel like it so I grabbed some beads instead.

DCF 1.0

I had made the above necklace last weekend from a kit by The Beadery that I found at Mardens for $3. I was not in love with the colors but I had always wanted to learn how to bead around a stone and I have to say the instructions were fantastic! I did not follow the pattern to the letter because I did not want the necklace to have a clasp and I did not like some embellishing on it but that is why it is great to make your own, you can have it your way! The kit has a date of 2007 and the item # is 5768 if anyone wants to try and find it. I got the hang of it very quickly and decided to try the technique with some flat backed glass marbles and small beads from my stash:

DCF 1.0

Once I had the basic idea I found I could substitute beads and change the pattern and basically make it up as I went along.

DCF 1.0 DCF 1.0

On the green bead I started with fewer beads so I could cover more of the back. Since I had a pattern that repeated 5 times I got a star look to it.

DCF 1.0

This was just the type of project I needed last night. Fun, relaxing and easy. Plus I know if there were other beaders there I could ask advice since I have little experience with seed beads other than collecting them and occasionally sprinkling them in wet glue on an art project. :D Getting out to create with the gals was what I needed but ironically I almost didn’t go, I was looking for an excuse to veg out at home but I had told my friend Kathy I would go so I did and I even accomplished something, made some new friends ad ended the night feeling tired but inspired. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Let’s Make TARDIS Earrings! Allons-y!

Howdy friends! I finally get to see season 7 of Doctor Who, I am on the 2nd episode watching it on Hulu plus, that in and of it self was worth the $8 a month LOL! So I am not caught up with the episodes so please no spoilers in the comments OK? With the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who coming up I thought I’d share this craft perfect for any Whovian out there, TARDIS earrings! You can also use the charm for key chains and zipper pulls. Watch the video to see how to make them:

I found the clip art of the TARDIS here free to download. I used Matte Shrink plastic by Graffix, a Copenhagen blue Prismacolor marker, 2 jump rings and 2 ear wires. If you have any questions let me know and I will get back to you! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!



A fun earring bail idea!

Hello friends! I love Sunday nights, the house is clean, backpacks are ready for school in the morning and so are the brand new band instruments my twins will be playing. There is nothing like the sweet sounds  of musicality coming from two enthusiastic children who have never had one lesson. Did you know how loud a saxophone is? Really, do you? In all honestly I cam very excited for them, my other daughter is playing flute and the teacher told her that her job over the weekend was to get it to make sound…well she scored an A+ on that task!  I played flute in 5th grade and I can see my mother’s curse came true, I have daughters who act just like me, twins even.

DCF 1.0

Tonight I wanted to share a simple way to make bails for your jewelry that are both decorative and inexpensive. For these sea glass embedded resin earrings I needed a way to attach them to ear wires without being gaudy. The glue on bails I like for opaque pendants showed through the resin in a bad way so I needed to make something that is pretty if it is seen.  I took a 10″ piece of 20 gauge wire and made a spiral on one end to glue it to the bail and a simple loop on the other end to attach to an ear-wire.  The earrings below also had beads in the resin and I used a wrapped loop…a poorly done wrapped loop…I’m showing you this because I really think a simple loop is the way to go LOL!

DCF 1.0

To help me make a decent spiral I inserted the end of the wire into the hole in one of my large wire jig pegs and pressed the peg to the jig white I wound the wire around. I saw this tutorial from beadaholique that explains it perfectly. I hope you have a lovely evening and til next time happy crafting!

My neck hurts…

…and it’s probably because I wore this heavy necklace the last two days:

DCF 1.0

Usually when I make a chunky necklace I mix in some acrylic beads to cut down on the weight but I had these gorgeous foil glass beads that I wanted to use and I like the repetition of them all together so I threw caution to the wind. The flower focal drop I made from resin, it was an ugly speckled white because my white paint I colored the resin with did not mix well so I painted it green. I enjoy olive green because it seems to flatter so many skin tones.

DCF 1.0

I call it elegant steampunk…and heavy…really freaking heavy…

DCF 1.0

It’s still pretty though, but I think I will only wear it for short amounts of time and not all day again.  That’s all for today! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Rice Paper Earrings!

Hello Friends! We made it to the fair, in the rain, yesterday but you know, it was OK, I’d take rain over crowds any day! I guess it was just going to be a soggy day, I went down to my studio yesterday morning to find half of the basement flooded and I freaked because my husband was at work and it was pouring buckets outside, what a time for my sump pump to poop out. I grabbed my bilge pump (actually I have been dying to try it out, we bought it over a year ago and had yet to have a flood) and I ran hose and pumped out that water, go me! It was like I was in a pirate ship! Outta my way you scurvy kids, me gots to dry out this vessel before ye gets to go to the fair arrrrrgh! Now that sounds way cooler with a pirate accent. Jason fixed the problem when he got home from work (a clogged pipe) and met us at the fair. I looked at a radar map that assured me it was going to rain until we got there then dry up for the rest of the day but apparently radar maps are not that accurate, I suggested the kids wear pants and raincoats but they chose shorts and sweatshirts. Since I have a “no whining” policy when I take them out they were happy as clams, clams ha,  they were as wet as clams too LOL! Speaking of clams today’s project reminds me of the delicate mother of pearl finish on seashells:

DCF 1.0

I found a wonderful tutorial by Ross Barbera on making rice paper earrings, I saw it a few weeks ago and filed in in my brain under “something to try when I was feeling puttery” and a long weekend was just the time. I knew I’d have little snippets of time here and there to work and this was perfect due to all of the steps involved.

DCF 1.0

Ross has a video of this process and wow, it was like taking a class. He goes over making the wire hoop, gluing the paper on, coloring it and varnishing it. Everything you need to know. He is fun to listen to as well because he sounds like Dustin Hoffman :)

DCF 1.0

These are my first attempts, they lack the elegance and finesse of Ross’s work but I’m pleased with them for now. Looking at the close up photos I see that I need to do some additional filing on some.

DCF 1.0

I was wondering how to display these pieces and I remembered a sheet of very fancy overpriced metal mesh I bought at a scrapbook store for $6 many years ago…

DCF 1.0

…I do believe it the the same material we constructed out chicken pen out of…yep, about 2 cents worth of hardware cloth, oh well, at least it is getting used LOL!

DCF 1.0

I recommend you make these earrings in batches because when you get to the part when you add watercolor you will want to experiment and you will wish you had more papered frames to play with, plus I have a hard time leaving something alone so I need another project to work on or I will frig with it until I ruin it, rice paper is quite delicate…

DCF 1.0

I did experiment with some of the scraps tho and I will share that with you later. If you want to make some of these you can find Ross Barbera’s tutorial here, he has a wealth of info on his blog too so spend some time there! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


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