DIY Stencils with Hot Glue!

Hi friends! Today i am going to show you how to make beautiful custom stencils with hot glue, have a look at this quick video:

I love how they grip the paper and the ink does not seep under. All you need to make them in a hot glue gun, glue sticks and a silicone mat. I recommend using a high temp (or the high setting) glue gun because you will be melting a lot of glue. All you have to do is draw a design on the silicone mat with the glue, let it cool and your stencil is ready to use! How fun is that? I hope you try this tip for making stencils for pennies! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Faux Metal Mania! {got cardboard?}

Howdy friends! I spent most of today with sticks and twine and vinyl preparing for a cub scout project this weekend, the boys are earning their craftsman weblo pin and we are making badge and belt loop display boards to commemorate their years of cub scouting before they cross over to boy scouts. My friend Kathy J had the idea so to give the den leader a hand we decided to prepare the craft. I wish I snapped a photo of the prototype since this is a blog after all with photo capability LOL! Oh well, I’ll get a pic this weekend I guess:)  The other day I was playing in my studio with cardboard and hot glue and came up with two ways to make faux metal, first up pewter/silver:

And now grungy gold.

Try these techniques with the metallic paints you have in your stash, remember to use warm colors and browns in your warm metals like gold, bronze, copper or brass and blacks and greys in your silvers and cool metals. Have fun with it! Oh hot glue, is there anything you can not do? thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Did you ever wonder…

Did you ever wonder what would happen if you left your 8 year old in your craft room with free rein of the glitter and hot glue gun?

DCF 1.0 DCF 1.0 DCF 1.0 DCF 1.0

Wonder no more LOL! It was so cute, my twin daughters are turning 9 next weekend and today Lila asked if she could use my glue gun and glitter to make some decorations. What you don’t see in the photo are the elaborate birthday cake with both of their names, the hearts and more peace signs. these are going to look fab at the party next weekend! So I ended up cleaning after all, even I can’t work with THAT much glitter on my table LOL!

DCF 1.0

I even managed to make a card, I did a little glitter & hot glue combo too! check out the 3 dots at the top, yeah, it is kinda lame after my daughters glitter awesomeness. I also used the hot glue butterfly from yesterdays video.

DCF 1.0

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Honestly, I started to clean but…..

Seriously, I went into my craft room to clean and organize it today but fun projects kept happening! It started when I was trying to wash glitter off my silicone molds and well, if you have ever tried to get glitter off silicone you know. Nothing sticks to silicone except glitter and embossing powder it seems, so to clean it off I covered the mold with hot glue and smashed it down on the most convient scrap of paper (an old book page) but when I lifted it up it was so cool! I had to make something with it…right?

DCF 1.0

So then I had to pull out some markers, spray ink, paper and envelope templates because you can’t make a card without an envelope right?

DCF 1.0

What is a girl to do? I know, turn on my video camera (hey it’s still on my table from my last video) and film the madness!

And that is what you call trash to treasure my friends. You’re welcome:) All right, tomorrow I’ll clean, yep, I will clean while the Patriots are on, no distractions…hey, is that glitter over there? I’d better go check, til next time happy crafting!

Pretty Paper Pom-Poms!

Howdy folks! Today I am going to show you how to make a paper pom-pom gift topper and tag using supplies from Papermart!

DCF 1.0

We will use Twisted Paper Cord, Large Shipping Tags, and Bakers Twine. You will also need scissors, stamps of your choice, ink pads and hot glue. Watch the video to see how it is done!

If you want to make this project more masculine simply use other colors such as orange, brown and navy blue. This little extra adds so much to the presentation of your gift! thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

The Glues I Use & WOYWW! {& 50% OFF Today}

Hello Friends! Happy 4th of July to everyone in the USA! To Celebrate we are offering 50% off EVERYTHING at Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff  today! Woot! I have a brand new SVG set up so check it out and save:) Please Note, Sale Starts at 12am Pacific Standard Time.

 Bakery Boxes & Tags

OK, so here is my desk this week (What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday)…

…and as you can see I have a lot of glue out on my table, the reason for this is because a viewer asked me to do a video on my favorite glues.  So, here goes…

Now, I’m sure you have something better to do than listen to me talk about glue for 8 minutes so here is Lindsay’s top 10 list of craft adhesive (in no particular order)..drumroll please…

10: E600, it is a one part epoxy that will glue any non porous surfaces together, plastic (test first), metal, glass, ceramic etc. I often use it to glue my fused glass beads to metal bails. Also I use it to glue magnets to small containers for storage. It’s good stuff.

9: Original Gorilla Glue: Use this on damp surfaces. It expands when it dries, a little dab will do ya! I us it to re-attach ink pad foam and felt to the plastic. I have rescued many ink pads this way!

8. Gorilla Super Glue: I forgot to mention this in the video because I am out of it and don’t use it too often but it is fabulous, it is a bit thicker than other super glue and it is flexible…yes, that’s right folks a flexable instant dry glue! I used it to repair my cracked food processor bowl, a friends refrigerator and many a toy. You can use it for jewelery too like a dab on a shoddy knot….not that I tie shotddy knots..I’m just sayin’…

7. Quilter’s basting spray: Think of it as a low tack spray adhesive that does not dry. I don’t quilt but I use this to make my Cricut mat sticky again and again. I haven’t bought a mat in years (Ha! Take that Provo Craft!) I got a large can in the sewing department at Wal*Mart a couple of years ago and it is over half full! It is June Taylor brand I think.

6. Yes! paste: If you do altered books or bookmaking of any sort this glue is second to none for adhering paper to the cover. you apply it with a scraper (I use an old credit card) and smooth the paper over it. It is very slow drying and will not wrinkle you paper. Be sure to wipe the jar mouth before you put the cap back on because if there is any paste on the threads it will glue shut!

5. Permanent glue sticks: I hit the back to school sales every year for washable glue sticks for the kids but for my work I prefer the Avery permanent glue stick. It holds really well (paper to paper) and it is really great with tissue paper. Other brands are good too, just make sure it is permanent. Not for scrapbooks though, your stuff might eventually fall off the pages:)

4. PVA Glue: AKA Elmer’s Glue All, Mod Podge, Wood Glue. It is an all around good permanent glue and sealant. It is a basic crafts glue, great for paper. Use it for Decopauge and quilling too.  I will warn you that in my first scrapbook I glues some polymer clay charms, wire and buttons with Elmer’s and they fell off a couple of years later.  Tacky Glue is also a PVA glue, it is best for hard to glue objects such as felt and ribbon.

5. Helmar 450: I’m no scientist but if I had to guess what is in this glue I’d say a big dose of awesome! It is like cold hot glue, great for adhering metal, plastic, glass and wire on a scrapbook page or cards and it won’t seep through ribbon either. It is what I use when I crop or if my glue gun is not hot and I need to glue it NOW! It is very quick drying! It is also my priciest glue at $9 a bottle.

4: Aileen’s Tack It Over & Over: You can squeeze it out on waxed paper, let it dry and viola glue dots any size you want! You can make thousands from a $4 bottle of this stuff! Also I paint this on the back of my unmounted stamps so I can stick them to my clear blocks for stamping and forgo the cling foam.

3. Dry Adhesive: Use it for sticking photos and paper permanently to scrapbook pages. You can use a fancy ATG gun, tape runner or what-have-you but I like Scotch 3M double stick tape from Sam’s Club.

2. Tombow Mono Adhesive: I’m not sure if it is the glue or the bottle it comes in but it is unparalleled for detailed gluing of die cuts and glitter, a very thin, clear easy to use glue.

1. My most loved glue is, no surprise, HOT GLUE! I keep two glue guns handy, one for specialty glue sticks and one for clear. I buy glue sticks when they are on sale (20/$1 at AC Moore) a few times a year. I use it for everything and anything, I even make embellishments like dew drops and faux wax seals with it. I have a dual temp Surebonder and I keep it on LOW setting.

Obviously I use different glues for different crafts, you wouldn’t need E600 for scrapbooking or YES! paste for jewelery making but I wanted to share the glues I use since I tent to try every craft going LOL! If you have any comments or questions let me know and I will reply in the comment section. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

French Country & Lots of FUN Techniques!

My apologies to all of my subscribers who had an unedited draft of this post emailed to them.

I love a card that uses a lot of techniques but doesn’t cost a fortune to make.

That is the case with this card. I was going to save it for Earth Day next month but I was afraid I would forget so you get it today instead!

Technique #1: Fabric flowers with homemade “Gluebers”

What’s a glueber you might ask? Well, it is a really big glue dot and it is used to make fabric and twine flowers. It is also expensive so here is how you make your own gluebers and glue dots: You need a bottle of Aleens Tack It Over & Over glue (you can order it online line from joann or custom crops and most craft stores for about $3 a bottle-it lasts a LONG time!) Squirt out a circle of glue on waxed paper the size you want. For the flower my circle was about 2.5″ wide. Let the glue dry. After the glue is dry cover the sheet of dots with another sheet of waxed paper to save for later. Cut apart the large dots. To make the flower cut a 2″ wide strip of fabric (whatever kind you like and have on hand) and tie a knot close to the end. Press the knot in the center of the glue circle and twist the remaining fabric as you wrap it in a spiral around the knot pressing the fabric in the glue as you go.  Stick the fabric tail to the back and snip off any excess. I used about 24″ of fabric for this. It took all of 3 minutes. You can try low temp hot glue as well for this technique, just work on a silicone mat:)

Technique #2: Make Your Own Baker’s Twine

I did a post on that, you can read it here.

Technique #3: Make a yarn nest!

I love this technique and it is so easy, just wrap yarn around 3 fingers and scrunch up some in the middle and press into a gob or hot glue. EASY! then you can add little plastic eggs. FUN!

Technique 4: Raid your back yard!

When I needed a bit of organic goodness for my card I poked around in my back yard for twigs and pinecones. Free & fabulous!

Technique #5 (for those of you with Stampmakers) Stencil & Embosss!

I made a stencil with my TC Stampmaker and stenciled the background. I’m not sure I am in love with the stencil packs because I could cut a better stencil on my die cut machine. The stencil is thicker than it should be I think HOWEVER  I tried embossing with the stencil in my big shot die cutter and it worked beautifully. Also I made a woodgrain embossing plate with my stampmaker (see the kraft paper under the nest) and I quite enjoy that.

 So, there you have it! Lots of fun techniques you can try! Til next time happy crafting!

Crafty Fun with Eyeshadow and Hot Glue!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love the Dollar Tree? Of course I do not love the cheap crap that is imported from China that breaks the second you get it home but it can be a treasure trove of inexpensive crafting supplies. The trick is to keep your mind open and look beyond using the items for their intended purpose. Case in point-shimmery eyeshadow! When I saw this in the cosmetic isle I couldn’t believe how much it looked like Pearl-Ex (one of my favorite crafting supplies) and at $1 a pop i had to try it out. See how it looks on the butterfly on the upper right of the card:


The nice thing about the loose shimmering eyeshadow is that it comes with a brush in the cap and it is in a spill proof jar. And yes, it is cruelty free (not tested on animals) I always look for that when shopping cosmetics.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Stamp image with clear embossing/watermark ink.
  2. Use the provided brush to tap the powder on the design and then brush it around to cover well.
  3. Now take a larger softer brush (any soft brush will do) to brush off the excess.
  4. If desired you can add a fixatif to seal down your design.


After making this wonderful discovery I ran into my sons cub scout leader and she wanted to make the boys some “good deed coins” and she wondered if I had any ideas. This is a great idea for kids, they start out with the coin in their right pocket then when they do a good deed they put it in their left pocket. Here is what I came up with:


I think these would also look great on a card or scrapbook page! Here’s how to make them:

  1. Squeeze a dime size dab of hot glue on a silicone mat.
  2. Ink up a stamp with clear or pigment ink and place in the glue puddle.
  3. let dry completely then remove glue from stamp.
  4. Dust the “coins” with shimmer eyeshadow.
  5. Seal with clear spray paint.

I used a green hot glue stick for the coins. I was voiding the green glue out of my glue gun and since I hate to waste I made some hot glue dew drops and used them on my card as embellishments. I played along with the sketch challenge at Oriental Stamp Art this week.

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Yo ho! Make a Pirate’s Doubloon!

Howdy! I just now got around to editing a video I shot last month. My kids were in a Disney concert and my son wanted to dress up like Captain Jack Sparrow so I needed a last-minute costume. As you may know I am queen of last-minute thrown together costumes so I took the challenge in stride:

The medallion he is wearing (and then used as the scrapbook embellishment) is made from hot glue and paint. See how I did it in this short video:

You can use this technique to make faux way seals, coins and all sorts of fun stuff!

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Homemade Embellies for Pennies!

Phew, what a week! It has been so hectic around my house lately, I’m glad to finally have a chance to slow down and just breathe. My favorite way to unwind is to play in my craftroom. While I was in the dentist chair Monday I had an idea: I wonder if I could make some cool embellishments in my clay molds with hot glue…ya know what? I sure can!

I used some digital stamps from the Love Grows and Posh ‘n Trendy sets as focal points on my card. the pretty double-sided paper is from GSD Studios, I couldn’t pick which side to use so I cut the paper a little longer than I needed, punched the edge and folded it back on itself to make a pocket and stitched it with my sewing machine, I great way to fully use your double-sided paper {It’s just too pretty to hide the backside!} I used Copic markers as my coloring medium.

Tip: If your papers and embellishments don’t quite match try tinting them with the markers you colored your stamps with as I did here. I colored the red {punched} bird with markers after seeing the paper did not show up too well and the sentiment that looked to stark when it was white. I also used them to color my hot glue charms.

To make some nifty hot glue embellishments you will need:

Make sure you use silicone molds because the glue will stick to ceramic or plaster and it will melt plastic molds (Don’t ask me how I know.) :)

  1. All you need to do is lay the mold on a flat surface and squeeze hot glue into the molds. Let cool completely, the large the mold the longer it will take. The letter tiles took a minute but the Celtic knot took more like 5 minutes to cool.
  2. There are a few ways to color your embellies, you can use alcohol ink, or alcohol ink markers. My Copics worked great and they matched my card perfectly! After I colored them I drybrushed a little acrylic paint over it to bring out the detail. You could just paint it with 2 coats of acrylic paint if you want a solid opaque color too.

    Variations on a technique:
  • Try writing or drawing with your hot glue gun on a silicone mat to make a custom title or embellishment for you next scrapbook page.
  • Make fake “wax” seals by squirting out a gob of glue on a silicone mat and pressing a rubber stamp in it. Leave the stamp in the glue until it is cool then peel off the glue. Be sure to ink up the stamp with clear ink or glycerin first so the glue does not stick. This looks amazing!

I love all that you can do with hot glue! With Valentines day on Monday you might be scrambling around for ideas for cards and classroom favors. Here is a look at the sets I used today and some other sets you can use to make quick and easy valentine projects:

 Posh'n Trendy StampsValentine Party Add-onValentine Party Printables & SVGFreebie: Vintage Sheet MusicA Lttle Lovin' Clips & CuttingOoh La La SVGPretty Packaging SVGCupcake Carrier SVGFun Favors SVGBox Bonanza!SweetTreat SVG3-D Mailbox TemplateLove Grows Here Digital Stamp SetEnvelope Bonanza!

Now let’s see what the Lindsay’s stamp Stuff DT has cooked up this week, I bet we’ll see lots of LOVE!

Margie Visnick

Tracey Allen

Leanne Garner

Tamara Bennett

Micki Harper

Karin Martin

Rhonda Walker

Diane Bove

Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


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