And the Stamp Winner is…..

…Jennie! Congrats, you have won some stamps from About Art Accents! Check your email for instructions on how to get them:) Don’t worry if you didn’t win, you can use my coupon code Lindsay10% to save 10% on your non-sale rubber. Here is another card I made using some fishy stamps from About Art Accents:

DCF 1.0

I think this is my new favorite set of stamps! The background of the card was made by pressing plastic wrap onto a scrap of Yupo paper that was painted and flicked with watercolor. I let the paper dry with the plastic wrap on it and got a cool texture. You can do this technique with cardstock, glossy cardstock and photo paper as well, it is a neat look! At first I was going to stamp the octopus on the background paper but the inked stamp removed the watercolor from the Yupo and not in a good way, so I stamped it on a scrap of cardstock and colored him with metallic colored pencils. I was not happy with the white background so I inked up the jellyfish with clear embossing ink and stamped the swirly bits all over the image then dabbed chalk over it, I repeated that with a couple other stamps from the set to add subtle texture. I still wanted more texture so I ran the panel through an embossing folder. The best part of stamping with clear ink then chalking it is that you don’t have to wash your stamps after! The glycerin I use to re ink my stamp pad conditions the rubber! To embellish I added strips of painted drywall mesh and some clay sand dollars I made ages ago. Here is a look at the gorgeous stamps in the Marine 1 stamp set:

Jellyfish, octopus, sea-shells and asian-script on a sheet of unmounted rubber stamps.

I hope you have some creative time planned this weekend, if so, tell me, what are you going to make? Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

We go together like….

…painting and stamping!

DCF 1.0

I had this card I painted a couple of weeks ago sitting on my desk, it needed something so I stamped this quote on the front and happy birthday on the inside. Now I am all set for the next birthday! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Make a Minion Card!

Howdy Friends! Last week when I made my nephews monster card I thought the oval monster body from the Make a Monster set by Stampin Up looked like a minion from Despicable Me, then I got to thinking about the crazy purple evil minions and I just had to make a card:

DCF 1.0

It was easy, you just need to add a few lines with a pen. I’ll even show you how to draw a minion if you do not have this stamp set in today’s video:

These cards will be great to have on hand. I decided to try and find some funny sayings and quotes that could go with these minions…minion memes LOL!

  • Families are like fruitcakes…mostly sweet with a few nuts.
  • Friends: They know how crazy you are and still choose to be seen with you in public.
  • Good friends don’t let you do stupid things…alone!
  • We’ll be friends until we are old and senile…then we’ll be new friends!


  • You’re only young once but you can be immature for a lifetime!
  • It’s nice to be young, healthy and full of energy. Can you remember?!
  • Old enough to know better…Young enough to still do it.
  •  You are only as old as you act.

DCF 1.0

I have been struggling with weather or not to do my videos in real time (like this one and most of mine are-see you can make a card in 20 minutes!) or if I should try and chop it down shorter. I seem to have no problem chatting for 20 minutes strait and hopefully you find the tips and hints worth the length. Let m know what you think please! well, that’s it for me today! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

And the winner is…..

Howdy folks! It’s time to draw a winner from last weeks About Art Accents stamp giveaway! And the winner is Emilie Boyd! Congrats! I’m sure you will find many ways to use that beautiful Kokopelli stamp set! Well, we made it to the beach yesterday, it was a glorious 85 degree day and the kids played and had a ball. I met one of my best friends who also has 9 year old twin girls (our twin sets have been friends since they were a few months old!) and my son brought a friend he has had since kindergarten and they were all so good. No whining, no injuries, it was a great day! I drove my kids and the boys and I loved overhearing their conversation about the recent Red Sox game and which players were best. I’m so glad they are into other things besides tv and video games. We stayed at the beach until dinner and when we came home I was exhausted, boy that lying around in a beach chair, watching the kids swim really takes it outta me! LOL! I did however, eek out enough energy to make this card:

DCF 1.0

I stamped the geisha on purple and embossed it then painted it with metallic watercolors. I used up some backgrounds I made recently (I seem to love making background papers but never use them, must correct that!) and I also used one of those Making Memories metal tag curler tool thingies that I have had for years! I win the day!

DCF 1.0

The stamp is by About Art Accents. I wanted to try a stamp I have never inked before (shameful I know, I hat the think how many stamps I have in the “uninked” category, one time I said I was not going to buy another stamp until I had used everyone I had at least once…ok…you can stop laughing now…really, stop.)

DCF 1.0

I have another busy end of summer day today, the dog has her yearly checkup (and shots!) and we are going to visit my parents. Wow summer is ending fast! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

DCF 1.0

Make Art, Not Trash! {and my 5 year blogaversary!)

Holy moly, can you believe that I have been blogging for 5 years! Well, maybe it feels longer for you LOL but for me it seems like just yesterday I sat down at the computer and opened a wordpress account! Writing this blog has helped me develop as an artist and opened the door to so many wonderful opportunities from freelance art and design work to writing my own column for Scrap & Stamp Arts. The lovely comments from readers make my day and the support I feel from you is overwhelming. I have received sponsorships from many art & crafts companies which I am thankful for but also I have tried to stick to my frugal crafting roots by offering up low-cost and recycling projects (like the one I have for you today.) This is my 1300th post, how am I doing? Here is a card I made for the occasion using some prints from Styrofoam trays that were headed to the trash:

DCF 1.0

Some people had a hard time obtaining the ingredients to make a gelatin plate or finding the rubber gasket (I posted a tutorial on printmaking on plumbers gasket last week on YouTube, that video will be at the end of this post) I used for another printmaking project. Then I remembered how much fun it is to make prints from Styrofoam trays. All you need is a Styrofoam take out tray (cut out a flat panel with a craft knife), acrylic  paint, a brayer or paintbrush and some mark making tools. Let’s go!

I used the prints I made on this easel card. The stamps I used are by Pink Persimmon. Tip! Flip your clear stamps around on your block and stamp with the backside for custom shadow stamps like I did for the 3 circles on this card!

DCF 1.0

As promised here is my rubber plumbers gasket printmaking video. I scored a bunch of 12″x12″ sheets of rubber for 99 cents each at a hardware store, I have die cut it into custom stamps, cut it down to fit my Big Shot for an embossing pad and used it for various household projects. Plumbers buy this to cut custom leak-proof washers. I guess I was lucky to find such large sheets cheaply because others have had trouble obtaining it. You are not limited to what you can make prints on, some ideas are: Plexiglas (or plastic packaging, scuffing it with sandpaper is helpful), silicone mats, glass (be careful!), EZ cut sheets, and if you look around with a creative eye I bet you can find more ways too! anyway, here is the video, it is very much the same as my other printmaking videos, just with a different materiel as a base. I don’t blame you if you don’t watch the entire video :D

Thanks again for sticking with me over the past 5 years of blogging, I hope I am still at it in 5 more! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


Easy Gift Card Holder {baseball themed}

Here is an easy gift card holder that will fit a standard A2 envelope:

DCF 1.0

When you open it up it looks like this:

DCF 1.0

BTW the stamps I used are by Local King. Here is a video to show you how I made it:

For reference here is how I cut my 8.5″x11″ paper: Cut in half the long way (you get 2 11″x4.25″ panels), cut one of the panels at 5″ and set aside the 6″ long piece. Fold the long panel ink half to make an A2 size card. Score the 4.25″x5″ piece at 1″, 2.5″ & 4″ and fold it in half and fold the short sides up then punch or cut the slot for the gift card and assemble as shown in the video. any questions? Leave a comment! And til next time happy crafting!

A Permanent Gelatin Printing Plate (Hectograph), an Annoying Project & a Birthday Card…

…what a weekend! Let me start off with my annoying project of the week that I am bound and determined to complete this weekend…tearing out the kitchen vinyl floor.  It all started Tuesday night when I thought the dishwasher was leaking, some of the cheapo vinyl tiles we installed many years ago were lifting and since we planned on replacing the floor this year anyway I thought it would be a great time to rip them all out. Well, the wet tiles came up as easy as can be but the rest of the floor was another story. I figured that pouring boiling water over the tiles then scraping them up was the best route as the heat loosened the adhesive and the indestructible 1970′s toganol underneath would protect the sub-floor…oh did I mention we were going to go back the the glitter infused togonal until I decided what to replace it with? Oh yeah, baby, it is gold, black, brown and glitter, sweet! At lease muddy dog print don’t show ha ha! Well, the tiles were coming up but the floor has been so sticky with the adhesive from the tiles so now I am goo-goneing the entire floor (did I mention that the kitchen is my least favorite room?)  so I had to take a break, I took the boiling kettle I had been using to heat water for the floors and made myself a cup of tea and went to my studio and made a card:

DCF 1.0

My son has a birthday party to go to this afternoon and I did not want to buy something the kid would not like (read: Lindsay is too lazy to shop) so in the card it says “Here’s a birthday ‘stashe’ of cash” and a mustache cutout with some money. Clever.  Well, not that clever but I did use some the the gelatin print papers I made the other day AND I came up with a way to plasticize your gelatin so you can make a non spoiling gelli plate, yay, science! Here is the video:

Here is the permanent gelatin plate recipe, remember if you damage the plate you can nuke it on high in the microwave for a minute and reset it!

7 packets of gelatin (6Tablespoons)

mix into:

1 cup of alcohol mixed with 1/2 cup glycerin (room temperature)

1.5 cups glycerin

then add:

1.5 cups boiling water and pour it into a shallow pan to set.

DCF 1.0

Well, it is back to the floors for me then I need to get cleaned up to take the boy to the party AND later my hubby is taking me to see the new Star Trek movie! Yay, science fiction! I’ll let you know how it is!

DCF 1.0

BTW, the dishwasher was not leaking, I found the leak under the sink when I was looking for the goo-gone, that’s a project for another day. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

USA Birthday Card!

Here is an easy card you can make for an enlisted friend or family member or for Operation Write Home:

DCF 1.0

I made this card for my niece’s husband who is leaving for basic training, it was also his birthday. I built it on a kraft cardbase, tore a book page and sprayed it with my homemade shimmer spray and layered an embossed blue panel that I glided a white Gel Stick on top to bring out the design. I stamped a never before inked Statue of Liberty and colored it with Gel Sticks. Added a few eyelets and a Happy Birthday sentiment and that was it! Easy peasy! Have a great Monday everyone and til next time happy crafting!

You Can’t Expect Perfection 10 Minutes Before the Party!

Howdy crafters! First off let me apologize for email bombing you yesterday. I had taken some posts down a couple of years ago because the artwork was being published in magazines and I forgot to republish the posts after the magazines came out. So yesterday I figured I’d put the posts live again and they would be filed in on the dates that I created them, which they did, but also they were sent out as new posts to all of my subscribers…sorry about that. But at least you can see how far my photography has come over the years and hopefully my crafting ability too….well, maybe not in the case in this project:

DCF 1.0

I love making last-minute cards, especially for kids. My husband asked me yesterday “Why do you rush around to make a card last-minute for a kid [Disclaimer-referring to kids in general, not the kid this card was given too, he is a sweetie!] who won’t appreciate it?”  “There’s no point stressing out when you can just buy a card at the store.” OK, two things here, I am not stressed out by making a last-minute card, it is freeing, I use my latest stamps, I will try a new technique and play with color, I don’t worry about perfection because a child does not judge a card and I am getting something done, it’s a card, it is made, it will never have to be made again unlike the floors that need to be re-swept  dished that need to be rewashed and all of the other daily drudgery that does stress me out. Making cards is fun and the bit about kids not appreciating it, I think they do like the handmade card especially if it reflects their personality.

DCF 1.0

I had some matching paper scraps on my table left over from craft fair packaging so I layered them on the envelope, did some stamping and slapped on a couple of pieces of washi tape, done! I love to be able to spend an hour on a card but I probably love slap-dash crafting even more! There is no time to worry when you only have 10 minutes, if you make a mistake work it into the design. And most importantly happy crafting!

DCF 1.0


Stamp credits: Look & 10: Crafty Secrets, Others: Stampin’ Up!


Do you hear that? Ahhh, quiet. February vacation is over, the kids are back at school and hubby is off to work. I am enjoying a nice cup of coffee, the dog is napping and all is peaceful. I will have to spend a little time peeling Nerf targets off the wall, deflating air mattresses and disassembling forts but all of that is easier to do without the kids running around and protesting. The kids were not the only ones to have fun over vacation. We (hubby & I) went to a friends 40th birthday party this weekend and here is the card I made her:

DCF 1.0

I made her centerpieces too, I’ll share those in a day or two. The stamps I used are from Hero Arts (background), Crafty Secrets (Happy Birthday & 40) and the dress form was a freebie that came in my new issue of Cardmaking and Papercraft magazine. The ribbontulle and rhinestones are all from Papermart. After making the centerpieces I had a 2″ wide scrap of the polka dot tulle laying on my counter and rather than throw it away like any sane person would  I kept it and tucked it in my scrap ribbon jar. When I went to make the card it was perfect and it will match her party theme, bonus! I also like to make my envelopes match my cards so I placed a stencil (crafter’s workshop) over my envelope and sponged on the same color ink I used on the card.

DCF 1.0

I couple of years ago I picked up this stamp from Judikins, it is so cute to stamp on the flap of an envelope:

DCF 1.0

Well, I better keep it short and sweet today, I just realized I have some laundry to catch up on and it is bright and sunny today so I am noticing how filthy my house really is :) time to bust out the pine-sol! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


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