The best part of wakin’ up {is ask a crafter in your cup!}

Hi Friends! I am posting this weeks Ask a Crafter in the morning because I have so much great stuff to fit in before Thanksgiving! You still have a chance to win templates from GreenSneekers on last weeks post but be quick because I will be drawing a winner tonight! And now it’s the video you were waiting for…Ask a Crafter!

I am glad you spent a moment of you day with me. I am sure many of my American readers are busy getting ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow. The weatherman is calling for 6″-14″ of snow for us tonight so I hope everyone traveling in this tomorrow does so safely. Hopefully the roads will be clear by Thanksgiving dinner. Leave questions for future shows below and as always happy crafting!

Later a giveaway, right now Ask a Crafter!

Howdy friends! It has been a busy week! I just finished up taping a segment for my local ABC/FOX news (did I mention after the interview last month they offered me a regular craft segment?) and now I have to get to work on a super fun giveaway I will be sharing later tonight! Make sure you pop back and see:) Right now though it is time for this weeks ask a crafter, maybe you can help us with our crafty questions….

You know the drill, leave any questions in the comments section and they will go in the big jar of crafty goodness! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Ask a Crafter S3:E8

Hi Friends! Wow, what a  dreary day, it was so dark and drizzly today, I actually brewed a second pot of coffee to power through. I was in the middle of projects today. I like to start  a project and I like to finish a project but working on middles are not my favorite things, I had some tedious middles to work on today and I felt like I was just spinning my wheels. BUT that means tomorrow I will get to make a bunch of ends and I love ends! I we be checking stuff off my to-do lists like a madwoman! Also I have some fun Christmas projects for you coming up over the next couple of days so you can get a jump-start on the holiday or make a few things to sell at craft fairs because as you know I am totally fine with you copying projects you see on my blog to sell (more money for crafty goodness or Christmas presents I say!) Well, today is Wednesday and that means Ask a Crafter time with my pals Kathy and Lorraine, let’s see what questions we received this week:

If we did not get to your question rest assured, it is in the jar. Leave a question in the comments section if you would like us to answer it in an upcoming episode of AAC. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

ASk a Crafter S3:E7

Hi friends! I am so scattered this week, you lose power for a couple of days and you kind of forget your schedule! The kids had a snow-day Monday so naturally when they went to school on the bus yesterday I was thinking it is Monday…nope, I should have had them to school early for chorus, not only that but I carpool so I did not bring a neighbor kid too AND I forgot that there was an extra honors practice this morning! Good grief. Good thing the librarian reminded me that my monthly kids art class was today of there would have been a bunch of disappointed kids waiting to draw. I need to write more things down and not rely on my memory, I am having a “senior moment”as my mom would say. But I DID remember to post Ask a Crafter:

Thanks so much for watching. I’d love to stay and chat but I am worn out:) Have a great night and til next time happy crafting!

Ask a Crafter S3:E6

Hi Friends! Man, I am so tired tonight, I had to drag my sorry butt off the couch to write this but I know how much you love your weekly crafty gab session with the girls so I am happy to do so! Without further ado join Lorraine, Kathy and me for this weeks ask a crafter!

…zzzzzzz…oh, yes, I am awake:) I hope you have a great night and til next time happy crafting!

AAK! Late Ask a Crafter!

Howdy friends! Sorry about not posting this last night! I got distracted with my son’s birthday. Can you believe my baby boy is 12? That’s almost a teenager! And I did bake a cake and it turned out pretty well too I might add. Keep that in mind while you watch this weeks Ask a Crafter:

Thanks to my friends Lorraine and Kathy for putting up with me another week and thank you for stopping by! Happy crafting!

What can I make with this? Ask a Crafter!

Hi friends! I thought I’d start out this weeks episode asking you for advice, have a look:

So, what can I make with that Box-o-Joe? Hopefully a craft room storage solution because it is quite messy at the moment! If you have a question leave it below. Kathy, Lorraine and I will be back next week to answer more of them! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!


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