How to use digital stamps & Angel Policy

A note about Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff stamp sets: These stamps come in a zip file (A bundle of files all grouped together) after you download them right click on the file and select “Extract files” and choose where you want the stamps to go, or “Extract Here” and the stamps will show up wherever you downloaded the zip file. Your computer may even unzip them automatically, it’s easy!

Using digital stamps is so easy! You can simply print them using whatever software you have to print your photos with. You can even print them using Microsoft Word! Here’s how:

Open a new document in Word. Click insert, picture, from file. Find the folder where you have stored your digi-stamps (I have one called Digi-stamps on my hard drive) and select the stamp you want.

The image will appear in the document. Click on it and drag the corner handles to re-size it. Now print! I like smooth white cardstock for printing, The kind I use is by Georgia Pacific and it comes in a 250 sheet pack for $7 at Sam’s Club. That was easy!

9/9/2009- Every stamp I design from here on out will also be available as a png image. PNG file have a transparent background which is nice for layering images or for digital scrapbooking. You can still import the png files in Word if you like but you can not layer them in that program, they will look rough on screen but print fine but you can stick to jpgs for use in word as you will get both type of file with your order ;) For best use of PNG files I recommend using photo editing software such as Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop. If you want to keep your stamping easy-peasy just stick to the JPGs!

Now for the fun part, coloring the image! I like to use solvent based markers such as Bic Mark-its, Sharpies, Prismacolor or Copic markers. I also like colored pencils and chalk for the designs.

If you want to use water-base markers, watercolors or other wet media heat it with a heat gun or hot hair dryer to set the printer ink so it won’t smear.

Enjoy using your digi stamp images. If you have any questions or comments just leave them here, I’m happy to answer them!

Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff Angel Policy

My digital stamps are for personal use however you may sell cards, scrapbooks and crafts you make with them. You may submit the work you make for publication (let me know if you get published and I send you some free stamps!) You may print out some images to use in swaps, just write or type “copyright Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff” somewhere on the image (the back side is OK) so if someone loves the image she can but it for herself ;)

It is never OK to share the files, if someone wants the digital stamp file, even if it is a freebie, please send them to my blog or shop.

Non Exclusive Commercial Use: To use my Digital stamp for Commercial projects you must buy my sets from the Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff Shop at MyGrafico. There are 2 commercial option: Commercial use: Credit Required-there is no additional fee for this but you MUST give credit to Lindsay’s Stamp Stuff wherever the artwork is displayed or sold. Or Commercial use: No Credit Required and you must purchase the additional $20 fee for this. This grants you Non Exclusive licensing rights, the copyright remains Lindsay Weirich. Please read my complete terms of use before purchasing commercial products.

Exclusive Commercial Use Designs: Also I create custom artwork, prices vary depending on the complexity of artwork. these commissions are exclusive to the buyer and will not be resold in any other form. If interested email: Please allow 1 week for a response, if your need is urgent leave a comment below and I will get back to you within the day.

I thank you kindly for your cooperation and support!

44 Responses

  1. Thanks for the tips too! I will be coloring mine with Koh-I-Nor pencils….any tips there? I’ll try to spray it perhaps with sealer to see if that helps!

  2. Hi Michelle,
    You wont need to seal it for the pencils, you can use a blender marker or mineral spirits with it too with no worries since that is oil/solvent based and printer ink is water based. If you were using watercolor pencils I recommend heat setting and using a water-based blending pen like the Stampin Up blenders and smooth white cardstock.

  3. Great tips with word. Thanks for sharing them! :O)

  4. I have never heard of digital stamps!!
    Thanks for the info. Going to go on a search now to see what I can find.

  5. Hi Lindsey. I’m new to your site and the whole card-making thing so I have a few questions. I am referring to your instructions for the Daffodil mothers day package.

    Is vellum interchangeable with transfer paper? – I know I can buy inkjet transfer paper for printing on.

    Are you using an inkjet printer – is that why the print stays wet long enough to add the embossing powder? Does it work on cardstock too or does the ink dry too fast?

    How do you blend markers? Do you use one of those water pens?

    Thank you in advance for taking the time to help me out.


    • Hi Sharon, Great Questions! Modern vellum is a thin translucent paper made of plastic. it has a frosted look and you can buy it plain, colored or printed. The brand I use I get at JoAnns and is by the paper company. You can get a pack of 4 sheets for about $10 but you can use a coupon to get it for less. Most craft stores should have this. I think the transfer paper you mention is for making t-shirts. The ink stays wet long enough of the vellum to heat emboss, just be sure to have all of your embossing supplies ready before you print. I use Bic Mark its because I like the color and they are cheap! But Sharpies, Prismacolors and copics will all work. Since the paper has plastic in it it will kepp the ink from smearing. Regulare markers my work as well, just tset them out on a scrap, wait tem minutes and see if you can smudge thi ink with your finger. If you are speedy you may be able to emboss on cardstock too, give it a try! For blending markers it depends what kind I am using. I like to use the clear prismacolor marker (about $4 at a art supply shop, AC Moore even has them) to blend Bic or Sharpie markers. I love the Stampin Up blender to blend my watercolor crayons. I have every shade of watercolor marker under the sun so I just use them strait but I like my regular artists watercolors to color with instead of markers because I am more used to painting than coloring. It is a matter of personal prefernce :) Don’t forget about the humble colored pencil. You can color you image then use a pointy q-tip and a bit of baby oil, mineral spirits or goo gone to blend your colors and it looks much like the pricey copics! I have started a yahoo group called what’s digital stamping to help folks learning about digi-stamping, whay don’t you join? I give away a free digistamp every week and daily tips. We’d love to have you! Here is the link:

  6. Hi!

    Today I posted an entry on my blog with a link to this tutorial.

    Would you let me know if that’s OK?


    Nancy Ward

  7. Great instructions – thank you so much!

  8. Do you have an angel policy on your svg files?
    I love all your work!

    • Thanks for asking Stephanie. You can sell handmade cards made with the svg files but please don’t share the files themselves, they are free, if someone askes you for it send them to my blog please. You may cut a bunch to use in a classroom setting and you may submit work for publication but credit mist be givin. If you submit a card using one of my shaped card template in the supply list put Template: Lindsay Weirich (and the blog address if they will let you;) You can always ask if you have a specific question;)

      • Copic markers are alcohol markers. They smear on most inks – and most papers. If you’re printing, you might try embossing your image quickly to set the ink. Then try coloring with your Copics.

  9. Hello,

    I love rubber stamping and want to cross over to digi stamping but my first try is frustrating. I printed and let sit for over 24 hours and my Copics and SU markers smeared the ink. I heat set and it still smeared. I used SU smooth cardstock and have a HP printer. Any ideas? Thasnk you!

    • Hmmm, You have stumped me;) I use an HP printer (photosmart ink jet) ab=nd I use solvent based markers (bic Mark-its, prismacolor and chartpak) and never had them smear with them. I use Cheap Georgia Pacific white cardstock with great results. Is your printer a lazer printer maybe? The solvents in the markers may make the lazer toner smear. Try waterbased markers such as Stampin Up or even Crayola or watercolors as waterbased ink won’t smear lazer printer toner. We can get to the bottom of this, don’t worry;)

  10. Thank you for the quick reply! I think it is my cardstock. I have read that SU whisper white does not absorb the printer ink well. Georgia Pacific, GinaK and Paper Trey Ink have been recommended so I will try those. I hope that works as I would love to use some of your images. :)

  11. Thank You that was a great bit of information. I can use . Awesome

  12. I have just come across the digistamping and have a few questions.
    Can you make the stamps a svg for the cricut with the scal?
    do the colored ones print the color?

    • Hi Taresa,
      You can convert the stamps to cut with SCAL, some will cut better than others, thick bold designs are best. You may convert them for personal use, please don’t share the converted files. Most of the stamps that are colored are for preview only (they come black and white) but it is easy to recolor them, I have a tutorial here on how to do that. The bingo cards in the Christmas potpourri set come in black, red and green though;) Please let me know if you have any other questions.


  14. please can you tell me how to layer digital stamps to make a picture i am using office 2007

    • Hi Rachel, you can print the stamps in Word which is in Office I believe. Just open a new document, click insert then picture from fil. I don’t think you can layer them though in word. If you have paint shop pro or photoshop elements you can, simply open a new document and past the png file digital stamps into the document and resize them with the pick tool. Also you can use a free program called scrapbook flair ( to do this:)

  15. Hi,
    I would like to use digital stamping, but the groups I belong to wants only stamped images, do you think they will recognise if I use digital stamps?

    • Hmmm, well, they probablt won’t be able to tell except that digital stamps print perfectly everytime. Explain that you live in a counrty where they are hard to find and perhaps they will understand. Is it to swap finished cards or just stamped images? If it is a stamped image swap that my be why they want stamped images, I would contact the swap host and shee what she thinks, it dosn’t hurt to ask, I bet you can find a swap group that will have you:) You may look for a swap group here:
      good luck!

  16. Hey Lindsay, love your work…I’ve been digi stamping (mostly digi scrapping…Shabby Princess DT member) and have an Epson that I have been printing excellent quality prints on double sided Matte Presentation paper. I recently bought a HP Photosmart printer for some additional features that my Epson doesn’t have and just haven’t been able to figure out the print settings to get true colors, great quality, etc…would you share your settings with me…pretty please?…thanks a ton, Kathy

    • Hi Kathy,
      For my digital stamps I usually just use the general everyday setting, to print my digital papers I use the borderless photo, 8.5×11 scaled to 100%, for photos I used HP advanced paper and best OR hP preimum glossy photo paper and the best setting (I prefer the premium to the advanced paper but I get loads of the 4×6 advanced apper in the printer packs I buy) Is that what you mean. Other than that I calibrate my screen to my printer and leave it alone:) I hope that helps, I’m always happy to share, no secrets here!

      • Lindsay,
        Could you explain how you calibrate your computer so the colors that are printed match my screen. Mine are not matching at all. Is this only possible if you have the individual color cartridges instead of the tri-color ones? The model of my printer doesn’t even have the option of buying premium photo ink versus everday stuff. Do I need a photo-editing program like photoshop in order to do this calibration.
        My goal is to be able to print out some of the digital background papers for altering or cutting 3-D items or scrapbooking. Not interested in coloring stamps with pens-can’t stay in the lines!! LOL!!

      • Hi Judy,
        Anyone regardless of what printer they use can calibrate their moniter and printer. Here are some tutorails I found online:

        I think when I calibrated my printer an monoter I clicke the control panel under the start menu but it was quite a while ago and if it aint broke I don;t fix it LOL!
        Good luck!

  17. Thanks, they are so cute! Can’t wait to try them out!

  18. Hello Lindsay,

    my question is not about digital stamps. Back in February you were kind enough to share with me how you made that beautiful card of the lady on the swing, Published Again, I would like to know how you colored in the clouds on the white part of the card around the swing without getting ink everywhere.

    thank you, Babara

    • I believe I used my waterbased markers, I stamped the text with stampin up basic black and you can use waterbase markers on top without the ink smearing:) It was a while ago and the card is long gone LOL!

  19. Hi Lindsay,
    I am new to digital stamps. I just bought some from you today. I need your help. I have an I-Mac. I have downloaded all of the images into my document file. I can open them and I can print them……….the size that was sent in the jpeg. I cannot get them to resize. I resize them and check the preview before I print. The image is the same size, but it is blurry. Can you help? I would love to use these, but this inhibits any creativity. Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Vicki,
      I have a PC but there is no reason you can’t use these with a mac. Do you have a program that you print photos with? Printg digital stamps id the same as photos as they are jpg files. If I want to print the in MS Word or Open Office (there must be a Mac equilivent) I start a new document then click insert, picture, from file and choose the image and drag the box around the image to resize it. Also in the printer dialog box you shold be able to tell the printer what size to print it but you would only get 1 image on a page. If you have some photo printing software you sould be able to start a new project and drag and drop them images into it or, as with my Cannon camera software, click all the images you want and select how many on a page and it will do it for you. I will eamil you too and you can tell me what software you have:) We will figure it out,

  20. I am wondering about the ink smearing. I have had my printer cartridges refilled at Walgreens. It is much less expensive than buying new, but I don’t think I used to have as much of a smearing problem with the original HP cartridges. Anyone else noticing this?

    • Hi Barb,
      I have not tried that but I think if you used Copic, Bic, Prismacolor or sharpie markers they would not smaer because they are alcohol based and not water based. You could print some text, make sure it is dry then color over it will a yellow sharpie and if that does not smear it the alcohol markers will be fine to use. Also you can always uese color pencils. It is not like printing a photo, you are not using much ink at all:) I have a HP photosmart with 6 carts so t is not as expensive to run, the color cards at $10 each but you get $3 back for each one you recycle at staples so I highly reccomend that type of printer, it may cost a bit more to buy but you save $$ in the long run. Plese report back on how you make out!

  21. I am possibly looking for some custom images. Not sure where to start on this or if the cost will drive it out of sight. What is the average cost of a set of custom images?

    • Hi Kris,
      I depends on what you want. My custom illustrations are around $15 each with one revision allowed or $75 for 7. Of course it depends too on the art, simple designs would be cheaper and more extensive designs would be more. These are fees for exclusive art. If you like a set I currently sell you can pay a $20 license fee to use them commercially. I depends on what you wan to do. I’ll send you an email;)

  22. Hi Lindsey, I checked out your blog on the digi stamps and how to use them. I make my own one of a kind greeting cards. My question is after I print the item and color it as I choose do I then cut it out to attach it to my card or do I use chipboard to make it a little thicker. This is all new to me so I apologize if I sound dumb. I actually use wood block and clear stamps right now. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and have a great night.

    • Hi Denise, no worries, you do not sound dumb:) You simply print the image onto your favorite cardstock, then color it if you wist, cut it out and add it to your card. You can resize the stamp as you wish giving you endless options for any image and add text to an image easily. You do not need fancy software, MS word or the free equilvilent Open Office will work just fine, see my tutorial on this page. If you are shy why not try some of the freebies available on my blog. Once you see how easy it is you will be digistamping like a pro, you probably wont notice much of a difference between traditional stamping and digistamping except you get a perfect image everytime with digital stamps. Also you may use the Lindsay’s Stamp stuff images on cards you sell;)
      Let me know if you have any more questions!

  23. I was just wondering what software you use to create you own stamps, I was thinking about doing my own and trying to get everybody’s Ideas on what they use. If you do not mind sharing. Again thanks for the Lettering Delights It is great I have been trying to find furniture like on the Sentimental Cartridge for a while and from you site I finely did.

  24. Hi! I just wanted to say that you can layer png files in a free program called Gimp. You can also turn a jpg into a png using Gimp. :)

  25. Thanks a lot for your explanations! First of all, I will definetely try to heat the print out and see, if it avoids smearing (I usually color with watercolours). What a great hint!

    And I’d like to add something to the comment above mine: GIMP is free and it nearly works as Photoshop. You can also use photoshop files with the GIMP and there are loads of tutorials how to work with it in the internet.

    Thanks again for all your tips here!

  26. I use water colour oencil with digistamps, and have no problem with smearing. I have also used ordinary colour pencils, again no problem. I often cover my work with a paper varnish, particularly if I am using the digistamp to decorate a mirror or frame. I decorated a wine box with a digistamp of grapes, and then varish over. It looked great.

  27. WOW another thing I have a question about! OK let’s say Prismacolor colored pencils have been used with regular printer paper. It started as an experiment but darn it, I like it. So I am thinking about affixing this with mod podge to a piece of lightweight book-making cardboard. I want to protect it plus make it shiny. Then I have a Bind-it-all that I am going to use to create a wire bound art journal using my colored pencil drawing as the cover. If this works a TARDIS cover is in MY future. My question is, hmmm I’m not sure if this is possible due to the use of pencil & thin paper. Will fixative work to seal the image before I start gluing & shiny-ing? I don’t want to ruin the drawing. Any ideas?

    • you can use a couple coats of an artists fixatif such as Krylon for this if needed, sounds very cool! Let me know how it turns out!

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