A Double the Fun Thanksgiving Craft! {a boredom buster!}

Hi friends! First up I want to share some exciting news that I hinted at yesterday: I am doing monthly craft segments for my local ABC & FOX affiliates and you can see my latest segment here! The story was really quick so next time I am going to make sure I have a simpler concept to make sure everyone can follow along at home. I decided to expand the craft from the news story and share the project with you here today!


My other exciting news was that the washi tape I have been waiting for from Papermart has finally arrived. It has been selling out so fast but I finally got some and almost all they carry! You get 10 yards (30 feet) for $1.34 a roll. They also have solid color multi packs, I got those too but have not used them yet. I wanted to use them in a fun project and what is more fun that making a craft and decorating a Thanksgiving table for kids?

I don’t know about you but I want to sit at the kids’ table! Here are the supplies I used:

1. Cover a table with brown kraft paper and add doilies as place mats.
2. Fold a piece of cardstock both ways. Unfold.
2. Cut a slit on the horizontal crease on the right side up to the center crease. Fold the top right corner down about 1″ from the center crease. Fold the bottom right corner in to the center crease. Fold the bottom left panel behind the right and fold the remaining triangle over.
3. Fold the top left panel over the top right and fold the bottom panel up. Secure the edges with washi tape.


To finish place shipping tags and paper in the back pocket and crayons, markers or pens in the front. Add baker’s twine to a shipping tag and place that in the back pocket. Thanks to Papermart for being our sponsor today, be sure to check out the products I used and stock up on your holiday wrapping, ribbons and packaging while you are there! Happy thanksgiving and happy crafting!

Apparently my viewers are smarter than me…{I always knew it was true}

Hi friends! Yesterday I uploaded this video on how to make an advent calendar. The best thing about it were the tips that YOU gave me on YouTube on how to improve it!


First watch the video then read on for great tips from fellow viewers:

I love the macaroon boxes from Papermart, they come in a set  of 24 but I had already used 11 of them so I did not have enough to make a 24 drawer advent calendar, plus that would be really big and it would be hard to find room for it. Well, pippynoodle suggested that I turn the box around and number the back side of the box 13-24 since the drawers can be opened from either side and Teresa’sHandCrafted Items suggested dividing the drawers in the center which is a great idea if you just have one kid but since I have 3 I would keep the drawers open and just do a refill on day 13. The other great tip came from Violingirl79 who said “Surely it doesn’t matter what order you put it together in if all the box drawers come out? If you get one in the wrong place you just swap the drawers around.” She is right! This project is even more easy and foolproof than I first though (and take it from me, I’m just the fool to prove it!) If you have some cool ideas to share leave a comment, I am getting so many wonderful ideas from you guys today (you are totally doing my job here!)


1. Paint the fronts of each box green and stamp a number 1-12 on the front. *Remember you can stamp the numbers 13-24 on the back as well for a double-sided calendar!
2. Assemble the boxes and add a duct tape pull tab. Place box in slider sleeve.
3. Glue together boxes in the shape of a Christmas tree as shown.

This project will take about 45 minutes. I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy Christmas craft. Thanks so much to my YouTube friends who came up with tips to improve this project and thank you for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

How to Make Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls {join me at the library!}

Hi Friends! This weekend marks the Mexican Day of the Dead. Every year at the library my friend, and librarian, Audrey does a wonderful program to remember and pay respect to our loved ones who have passed. If you are unfamiliar with the holiday check out the history of Day of the Dead on MexicanSugarSkull.com. They also have recipes for making royal icing and the sugar mixture as well as the mold that Audrey and I used to make these. I have helped Audrey control the mayhem on decorating night with the kids at the library but this year I asked if I could try the project from soup to nuts.  She showed me how to mix the sugar, mold the skulls and put them together. I think the most important tip was that you know the royal icing is ready when your mixer starts to smell like the motor is burning out LOL! So, without further ado I would like to introduce you my friend Audrey and show you how to make these sugar skulls yourself! Please note that the intro was filmed AFTER the class right before the library closed so if we look a little frazzled/tired, that is why:)

And here are some pics of the skulls that were left to dry at the library:

I know traditions from other cultures can seem odd to us but I think this is such a positive way to remember our loved ones who have passed, especially for children.  Thanks so much for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

A Quick and Cute Halloween Favor & I was on TV!!!!

Hi friends! Yesterday I was on TV!!!! More on that in a minute, first here is a cute Halloween favor you can make with supplies you probably already have at home:

So the reason I wanted to share that tutorial today is because I also got to share it during my interview on the local ABC/FOX affiliate stations in Bangor, Maine. I could not manage to embed the video here but you can watch it here on the FOX22/ABC7 Website.

How cool is that?!? My apologies to my friends on Facebook who had to endure my excitement of this all day. I just can’t help it! Thanks so much for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Duct Tape + Juice Pouches = Cheap Crafty Fun!

Hi Friends! I love recycling…or upcycling stuff because it is fun to make something useful out of things you normally throw away. I wanted to make a sturdy pencil pouch to go in my binder and I did so using 4 juice pouches, Duct Tape and a zipper. Watch the video to see how!

I used fun patterned duct tape from Oriental Trading Company in this project. They have Duct brand as well as their own brand of duct tape. Both are very good quality, the only difference I see is that the Oriental Trading Company brand is a tad bit less sticky but it has held up fine in any of my projects. The OTC brand is a bit less expensive and has 20 yards in a roll in most cases where as the duct tape brand is 10-15 yards usually. Since they carry both you get a fantastic selection at $4-$5 a roll and the skinny stuff is even cheaper. All of that info is in the product listing if you are unsure. I hope you try this, or some other recycling craft. I decided to put my pouch in the kids plastic canvas project binder to hold the scissors and yarn needles that are constantly slipping out of the binder pockets. What did I tell you, useful. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

Duct Tape & Dolls!

Hello friends! I have been super obsessed with duct tape this week, mainly the pretty colored stuff you can make crafts with. I got some from Papermart a few weeks ago and I have been pondering what to make with it. Well, with Halloween right around the corner I decided to make a costume for an 18″ doll or stuffed animal:


I know I have a lot of American Girl doll fans here, but I love that you can customize it to fit whatever doll or toy you have. I am using colored duct tape from Papermart because you get more in a roll of solid color than the patterned kind. The colored duct tape is $1.36 for a 10 yard roll! No need to be stingy with that tape! Also I noticed that Papermart just added washi tape to their website. They have 38 styles of adorable patterned washi tape for $1.34 a 10 yard roll and multi packs of solid color washi tapes for less than $6 a package of 5-10 5-yard rolls! I can’t wait to get my hands on those! If this is your first time working with duct tape I recommend you watch the video all the way through before beginning.

Tips for working with duct tape:

  1. Have wax paper handy to place scraps on, you might need them later!
  2. Use an x-acto knife and self-healing mat for cutting. The matte grey Fiskars mat I used was ideal because it was not shiny so the tape did not stick to it too badly. I tried another cutting mat and the tape stuck so bad I ruined some trying to remove it. Also have a couple extra blades handy because they will get sticky.
  3. Relax and go slow, there is no rush. Crafting is fun so why rush it?
  4. Involve your kids! My girls took to this craft like a duck to water…or a duck to duct tape?

The ONLY downside to letting your kids help with this craft is that they will have so much fun they will use up your entire stash of tape in no time flat, good thing it is only $1.36 a roll at Papermart!…better get extra! I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did and til next time happy crafting!


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Frank ‘n Friends Favor Boxes!

Howdy folks! I love this time of year! I have some gourds on display in my home and pretty soon I will be putting out the corn stalks and hay bales outside for decoration. We have pumpkins on the porch already that we are so excited to carve but we don’t want them to spoil! At least we can make up a bunch of these cute boxes to decorate with:


I really like this idea because I can enjoy these sweet Halloween boxes and then fill them with candy and give them away on Halloween night or drop them off on friends doorsteps for fun! That is called “booing” or “ghosting” and I live in a community with very sneaky peeps who deliver goodies all around each others houses in October. It is a lot of fun! Of course all of the parents know who the treats are from before we let out kids have them (but don’t tell the kids that!)These boxes are made from paper take out boxes from Papermart so you know they are just as affordable as they are cute. Watch the video to see how to make them:


1. Paint the box with the main color.
2. Paint the face details.
3. Cut two 1/2″ long pieces from a paper straw and hot glue to the side for bolts on Frankincense’s Monster.

TAKE THIS IDEA AND RUN WITH IT! Think of all of the fun things you can paint on these take out boxes for different holidays and events! Happy crafting!


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