It’s like a dystopian hug! {a free Katniss cowl wrap pattern!}

Edit: 12/4/13: I made another wrap with a crochet neckline, pattern at the end of the post!

Hello friends! I did it! I crocheted a version of the wrap Katniss Everdeen wore in the new Hunger Games movie. You can get my pattern here for free. I looked at other patterns but most were knit and they all were worked in 2 or 3 pieces and sewn together and I wasn’t crazy about the stiff rope neck most had so I came up with a simple one piece crochet number with a bit of knitting on the neck. What do you think?


In case you are confused or work better from an explanation than from a pattern I took a break from romping through the woods to shoot this quick video explaining how I made it:

I wore this to a friends house today and got rave reviews from her and her teenage son who saw the movie!


I even wore this in my unheated basement studio and was as cozy as a mouse and my arms were free for crafty adventures!


Here are the materials I used. It was easiest to use the Denise interchangeable needles for the neck because I could just swap out the needles as needed. I have both the knitting and crochet sets, they are a fabulous Christmas gift because you have all the sizes right there for most any project.


Here you can see how the garment is made. Refer to the printable PDF pattern here for all the juicy details!


That’s it for me tonight. I have to thank my daughter Lila for her camera skills capturing all of the outdoor action shots. (She is working on her Girl Scout digital photographer badge.)  I truly feel like a district 12 rebel in this wrap. Well I guess this “wraps” it up LOL! Pun intended! Until next time happy crafting!



Crochet option for the neckline!

So, many of you told me that you don’t knit and wanted a crochet version of the neckline, well here it is!  The stitch pattern we are doing will make a ribbed cowl, it is very stunning!

Using a size n hook (or whatever you were crocheting with)

First round: Half-double Crochet (HDC) into every other stitch in the neck opening, join with slip stitch.  Try and have an even number of stitches, crochet into an extra one if you have to to make the first round an even number.

Second Round: Chain 2, *Double Crochet (DC) into the front post of the next stitch, DC in the back post of the next stitch* and continue working from * to*  in a spiral until the neck is as tall as you like (about 8″)stop when you are about 6 stitches from the start of the round. You can look for the tail of yarn left when you joined the neck. Weave in ends and wear it!

Finishing: When you are 6 stitches away from the start of the round switch from DC to HDC for 3 stitches then SC for 3 stitches and join to next stitch with a slip-stitch.

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62 Responses

  1. Love the pictures!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Methinks you are part tomboy, Lindsay. Good job!

  3. I am beginning to think there is nothing you cannot do!!!!! I wanna be like you when I grow up, only thing is I think I am older than you now!! Your wrap is gorgeous!!!

  4. I like it ! She did good on her pictures.

  5. I love your District 12 is as cool as the other patterns for sure!!! Give that girl her badge! The photos are beautiful!!!

  6. I truly can’t keep up! You are a whirling dervish. How did we go from pretty little Christmas tags to The Hunger games wrap (not to mention Thanksgiving somehow happened in the mist of it)— and you finished it. I am amazed. Thanks for your insanely wild adventure!

  7. Your talents are amazing-thanks for sharing

  8. Just stunning! Great shots!

  9. Brillant…just brillant! Tks for generously sharing your pattern. And kudos to Lila for the amazing photos!!

  10. So gorgeous you can do anything

  11. Great photography shoot Lila !!!!! And Lindsay…. what can I say….. You are a born model also…!!! I’m thinking that shawl would be a great little toasty thing to do for my drafty studio!! :)

  12. I love, love, love it. You did a great job on this. Love it.

  13. Love it. You always inspire to me stay crafty.

    BTW–Dr. Who stuff, lots of it at Barnes and Noble..the tardis alarm clock that shines the time on the ceiling–way cool…my daughter bought a tardis container —when you remove the lid it plays music…Dr. Who chess set really neat, plus a lot more Dr. Who stuff…..and the college age server who fixed my coffee at the food counter was wearing tardis earrings. Three college age girls in front of me took note and exclaimed over them. You might sell a lot of your tardis earrings at the craft shows.

    • how cool! did the server have shrink film tardis earrings or another type of charm? I’m glad I am inspiring you to stay crafty! I always love reading your comments:)

  14. you look fabulous in your wrap. I enjoy your energy and inspiring blog so much..thank you

  15. O Great White Hunter… are truly a wonderful model for your wrap. Your daughter did a magnificent job with the photos….KUDOS to you both!

  16. Wonderful video and great photos!! This is such a good project! Thank you for working it all out in crochet! I will have to figure out how to crochet the collar, though, since I do not knit at all…
    I get so much inspiration and instruction from you. Thank you so much for all you do and share.

  17. Gorgeous wrap and the photography is beautiful too, does look like a district 12 shot too, love it all! ~Diane

  18. Love your cape and everything before that, BUT, PLEASE, still watching for a list of things to use my GLYCERIN for and the ratios of
    mix….NUDGE HER LORRAINE, she did circle it on the list of questions for her to do list LOL. Thanks

  19. Love, love, love the cowl! Thanks for the pattern and the video. Even though it looks quite loose, I am wondering what size range this is made for ( small to extra large? ). I am wondering if you’d have to decrease or increase the pattern depending on what size you wear.

    • You can add or subtract a few stitches if need be. I wear a size 8 dress but usually buy a ladies large for tops and I started out with 72 stitches. I am a loose crocheter so you garment might be smaller if you are a tight crocheter. There is a good amout of stretch though and you could block it larger if need be. for a child’s size you want fewer stitches because it will be too long. hope that helps!

  20. HEY!!!

    What do you think of this cowl/shawl combo??? If you like, next time I find decent yarn, can make for u – if you don’t answer well don’t expect me to make it!!!! LOL!!! doesn’t she look like Elaine???

    Went shopping – got pj’s for JJ – Gabe Emily and Papa J!!! it will be a jammy Xmas!!! I got a toy for Emily and Gabe so any other suggestions will be appreciated!!! What do YOU want????

    • Hey crafty Grandma, did you post this here by mistake? I feel like I am reading an email you were sending to a relative;) I certainly don’t expect you to buy ME a gift LOL!

      • oops!!! so sorry!!! it was meant for my daughter who was asking for a cowl / shawl for Christmas….yours is beautiful….. and you do look like her best friend Elaine who also looks like my dughter… could pass for twins….my apologies, guess I replied to instead of forward to….soooooo sorry!!!!

      • oh darn, no sweater for me then hahahaha:) I hope she likes it:)

  21. Nice shawl. I gave up knitting and crocheting though – the arthritis in my hands just don’t like it. Your daughter did a great job with a camera – wonderful shots!

    I do have a question for you for Ask a Crafter though. Have you used any old DVDs in projects? I have a stack of DVDs that are for older versions of Windows that don’t play nicely with Windows 7 and I want to find a use for them. Our quilt guild used some, shiny side up, with Christmas decorations glued on top as centre pieces last year but I need any of those. Have you tried (or hubby tried) cutting them with a band saw? Would they shatter? I was thinking they could be made into butterflies or angle wings if they were cuttable?? cutable?? you know what I mean.
    Crafty Violet

    • I’ve added your question to the Ask a crafter list! As for knitting you might want to try a knitting loom, I know several ladies with arthritis who can’t crochet or knit because of the pain but can use the looms just fine.

  22. The pictures are hysterical Lyndsey. And the wrap is great. I too loved the movie. Your daughter’s photography skills are excellent. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Very nicely done!

  24. going to surprise 2 of my granddaughters with this.
    we saw the movie together.

  25. Love it! Thank you for the inspiration. :)

  26. Lyndsey..luv your cowl-wrap…question can this be done using the niffy knitter?? I just can NOT get the hang of knitting needles so I gave up and found the niffy knitter and actually can make something, I make cowls for my daughter since losing her hair cause of chemo and her neck and shoulders gets cold, I would like to make one just to drape the top of shoulders..does that make sense??

    • I think so, do you have the long flat looms? You could work in the round on a large flat on for shoulder with and work back and forth for the front and back of the wrap and pick up stitches by lifting them onto the yellow round loom and knit the cowl as one peice. I think it would be easy! I recommend transferring the stitches to a circular needles for a purl wise needle bind off at the neckline when you are done

      • Hi Lyndsey, I have the Martha Stewart loom set, it can make long rectangle, square or oval

  27. Hi Lyndsey, your cowl is absolutely beautiful! And your daughters pics are great! I’m planning on trying this myself, however I do not knit. I was looking up sizing, and you refer to # 11, #13 and #15 needles, what does that translate to in mm? Is that US # or UK/Canadian?
    Thanks for your help, looking forward to trying this pattern out!!

    • Hi Diana,
      I made another wrap last night and worked up a crochet pattern for the neck if you don’t want to knit it:

      Using a size n hook (or whatever you were crocheting with)

      First round: Half-double Crochet (HDC) into every other stitch in the neck opening, join with slip stitch.
      (the stitch pattern we are doing will make a ribbed cowl, it is very stunning!)
      Second Round: Chain 2, Double Crochet (DC) into the front post of the next stitch, DC in the back post of the next stitch and continue working in a spiral until the neck is as tall as you like (about 8″)stop when you are about 6 stitches from the start of the round. You can look for the tail of yarn left when you joined the neck.

      Finishing: When you are 6 stitches away from the start of the round switch from DC to HDC for 3 stitches then SC for 3 stitches and join to next stitch with a slip-stitch.

      BTW the needles size conversions are as follows:

      PS the crochet instructions are written in US terms:)

  28. The neck and cowl made no sense at all to me on the original directions. I had to get creative, and improvised a crochet approach – turns out it is very similar to the one just above. It works. I love the wrap – I used the wrong yarn, so not as flowing as yours, but in MN we need very warm anyway! Thanks for all your inspiration, and do a circular needle tutorial sometime – I was totally baffled on that. I have switched from kit to crochet, but couldn’t figure it out the other way around – AT ALL….

  29. Ok Lindsey I’m giving this a try! Haven’t crocheted in 15 years, but when I saw your shawl I knew my Whovian would want it. Just bought my skeins and hook and I’m starting it tonight. I’ll let you know how I do. I agree with your cowl though – I didn’t like the rope looped one – ouch! Great pics btw!

  30. […] It’s like a dystopian hug! {a free Katniss cowl wrap pattern!} ( […]

  31. Thanks for sharing…love your cowl! Mine came out too tight.should I redo it?

    • what part is too tight? The neck? I had to redo the neck and bind it off purlwise for a stretchier collar. Where is it tight?

  32. What brands of yarn did you use? I’m having a hard time deciding on what to pick.

    • I used a washable wool blend, the wool gives non-sweaty warmth but the synthetic fibers keep shape an can be washed. I went to find similar yarn to knit one for a customer and I chose to use wool ease and tweeds held together (one strand of each held together but you will need 3 balls of each for yardage) I was able to get the yarn at Joann Fabrics and it was Lion Brand, not too expensive:)

    • I used an acrylic in tan and a tweed wool blend, both strands held together :)

  33. I love your cowl. Plan on making it this week. Thanks for the free pattern. And the video and pictures are awesome!

  34. you did a fantastic job. I like your crochet one. it looks comfortable and you can move your neck in it without looking like it’s in a neck brace. I’m going to do this one and I will send you a picture because, baby it’s your stuff. You took great pictures.

  35. Thanks for the great idea! I don’t crochet, but do knit. Have you seen any knit patterns for one of these?

    Enjoy all your tips! thanks for sharing

    • Yes, on Ravelry, it is free to join and lots of patterns, mostly free, a user Lollyknits posted a beautiful Knit version, have fun!

  36. Hi Lyndsey,
    I finally finished the shawls and have put the pic as my profile … the first one i made back in December it was a bit long, so I ended up alternating each row with dc2tog, but then it was a bit short and bulky but after washing it and letting it hang, it ended up working out ok (the one on the left). I just finished one for my sister this morning, the one on the right, which i think worked out better. It was still getting a bit long, so i dc2tog for two dc on the last four rows, and that way it didn’t get to wonky or bulgy. I’ve already had lots of comments on the sweaters and people asking where i got it from! it’s a great feeling when you can say “oh this ‘ol thing, I made it!”
    Thanks for sharing the pattern!

  37. lol this has been a epic effort for me. ive crochet for yrs but never bothered to learn stitches. reading patterns are hard for me also. youtube has been a god send. ive self taught myself to knit and crochet. im trying to make this for my daughter for her b-day which is in 9 days, im using lions brand super bulky yarn after massacring one skein of yarn. and many trials and errors im finaly up to crocheting the neck Wooohoo! but im not getting the spiral part, will it make that much of a diff. if I just chain 2 at the end of a round join like that ? it doesn’t look bad the neck part is at about 5″ now. oh yea I guess using the super bulky yarn it hangs on me , but im hoping that with me being 5′ nothing and my daughter being 5’6′ will make a diff. when she tries it on.
    and thank you for posting this pattern, its looks really great on you.

  38. I have only croched a chain stitch until now. I just had to make this Katniss cowl, so i bought the supplies and double the wool. I would learn on the one then switch to good cowl and work on that. I now have a fabulous cowl (I am 5’10″) so made it a bit longer and just love it! Thanks so much for this and for giving me thekick to learn crocheting after all these years.

  39. Can you make a video on how you do the crochet pls, so we can follow how you do it….

    • Hi Mary, my camera only records 20 minutes at a time so I am unable to make a video of this, you can try following the pattern though:)

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