Ask a Crafter 14: It’s EPIC!

Hello friends! It’s Wednesday and time for the latest episode of Ask a Crafter! My usual sidekick Lorraine was traveling so I asked my friend and author of the book The Rainbow Pants, Kelly Brooks Bay,  to co-host with me. She did a great job and it was a tall order with 7 pages of questions from you guys making this the longest AAC ever! I really love how this show is becoming a crafty collaborative effort, i love seeing the conversations popping up in the comments of my blog and YouTube video page. Crafters are the greatest, most giving people and the advise on stamp clubs and die cutters is invaluable for others. Sharing is caring and I think my viewers are the most caring bunch around! So, without further ado here is the latest installment of Ask a Crafter:

Bet you didn’t think we could talk non stop for 1 hour and 23 minutes did you? Again I want to thank Kelly Brooks Bay for joining me (especially since I put her on the spot the day before I needed to film!) and you can check out her book The Rainbow Pants here, now going into it’s second print run! Congrats Kelly! If you have a question for next week  or a general comment please leave a comment and if you want to get the whole Ask a Crafter experience check out the YouTube watch page where you can join the conversation with loads of other crafters! We all have something to contribute! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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22 Responses

  1. Reblogged this on therainbowpants and commented:
    I was asked to help the amazing Lindsay Weirich owner of The Frugal Crafter. She has an amazing blog and you tube channel on teaching how to craft and answers many questions every Wednesday on “Ask a Crafter”. I definitely have learned I am much better behind the camera or at least writing stories!!! But it was super fun to do and wow I learned a lot!!!

  2. So much fun!!! Thanks Lindsay for the fun and educational day. I am still curious about this rainbow colored alpaca!!

  3. Love your videos and Ive learned so much in the three weeks since I
    have found your channel, thanks so much for sharing.

    My question is, Do you have a list for all the uses of Glycerin?? I bought a bottle after watching a video and I cant remember the various uses and the mixtures to do various things with it that you have talked

  4. Hi Lindsay another question, hope you dont mind! I have never used a digital image nor digital paper but would like to try it. My HP All-In-One
    printer is terrible on ink and is on its way out. Can you suggest a
    printer that works great for this and most of all is good on ink, possibly cartridges that you could refill manually or at least will print even when one cartridge runs out????

    What printer do you use?

  5. Is there any way to tag the topics as they come up on the video or in the email? I don’t always have time to watch the whole video but don’t want to miss things for the topics I’m really interested in. And sometimes I have to watch it at different times so a tag of some sort would at least get me to the correct area of the video to watch where I left off. Thoroughly enjoy all the knowledge coming out of the videos. Thanks

  6. Another great video full of great info, thanks Lindsay. Congrats to Kelly on the 2nd printing of your book that is awesome! ~Diane

  7. Hi Lindsay, Lynne here. I have a tip for taking photos of pages, papers that are full-on and rectangular. Followed by a question.

    You were talking about keeping your camera parallel with the paper–yes, a must–..a music stand makes this a cinch. I bought one specifically for taking photos of books and paper, but you could even use one that’s built-in on a piano, repurpose one you find or buy one inexpensively. You can angle it to comfortably be able to see your shot while making it parallel to the object being photographed. Taking a photo parallel to the floor makes it difficult to see what you’re shooting. I find the music-stand-as-photo-tool has made it all a snap. No pun intended! ;)

    My question: As you know from former emails you kindly answered, I have NEVER found the foam bath blocks t(o heat and use as texturing tools) in any inexpensive source despite extensive looking. Could you please ask your US-based viewers if they’ve had any luck finding them short of Amazon? No Target, Dollar Tree or any other dollar store I’ve checked has them and at this point, I’ve checked dozens. Thanks, as always. Lynne

  8. Lindsay, you are a gem. So full of information and knowledge. I was wondering have you ever rubber stamped with evaporates milk, and heated it with your heat gun, it has a real neat effect. If you have will you do a tutorial on it? Thanks Patricia

  9. Sorry not evaporated milk condensed milk.

  10. Eileen L. May want to consider a Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS). Just top up the ink when it gets low. Got mine on Ebay.

    • Kristen, what is a CISS and will that work on any printers cartridges?
      Is there a manufacturer name for this?

      • I highly recommend (NAYY). You can choose a continuous ink system OR refillable, no expiration chip cartridges. I chose the latter because my craft studio is, *ahem*, so crowded, I was afraid an external tank would get bumped. The specialty cartridges were designed to be refilled, work like a charm, are every bit as high a quality as the originals and cost a tiny fraction of what replacement cartridges cost. I now print my own paper without cringing at the costs. They have options for most printers. Just check their website. Hope this helps.

    • Thanks for the info Kristen, Ill definately have to check this site.

  11. FYI…after 7 years of hard use my Big Shot would not pull my dies thru the machine. My husband unscrewed the bottom and found 3 METAL gears – 2 large and one small one that attached to the handle…several teeth on the small gear were broken off. I called SIZZIX and asked if I could replace the small gear. I was told Any part is $5 with NO shipping. Received 2 of the small gears and a Hex tool for my $5! My husband replaced the gear – easy peasy, and the machine works as good as new!!!!! The Big Shot is a well made LIFETIME machine…can’t say that about much these days.Woo! Hoo! Love your blog Lindsay!!!!!
    Paper Hugs,
    Jan Castle!

  12. Hi Lindsay love yor videos and watch every week plus check your blog every day no question today but I di find a cute knitting project for your chickens but have not be able to fin a way of e-mailing you the picture if you are interested please send me an e-mail address or some other way of getting the picture to you Pat

  13. Dear Lindsay you are the best! In Ask A Crafter 14 you mentioned the name of a Stamp Club that is sorta like “Netflixs” – it rents stamps. I couldn’t catch the name of the club. Will you please mention it agin or post it. I tried to find it but apparently I’m not great at locating things. Thanks for all you do and the joy you do it with.

  14. Love, love, love your videos, but will miss most of this one. I’ll save intending to go back to finish watching it, but…………..I like when the video is about 15 mins. long. I didn’t understand the name of the markers…………

    • Hi Bev, sorry the ask a crafters are long, it is determined by the number of questions I get. What markers are you referring too? the Alcohol based or the embossing?

  15. Hi Lindsay, I am planning to place my first Stampin up order, can you list your fav or must-have Stampin up products to recommend? Many thanks you are always great to watch, a bit addictive, actually. Hugs.

  16. Love your “ask a crafter” videos!

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