Pick Your Prize,Make a Gift Set & 20%off at Green Sneakers!

Howdy friends and happy Veterans Day! Today I have an exciting giveaway for you from the fine folks at Green Sneakers. Whenever I host a giveaway I always hope the person who wins really likes their prize, well I won’t have to worry this time because you get to pick your prize! How cool is that? Go to Green Sneakers and find 2 templates you would most like to win, then come back here and leave a comment mentioning your picks. If I draw your name next Monday you get the templates you chose. Neat huh? Perhaps you would like to win the A2 Kreate-a-lope and Portfolio templates I used in my tutorial today:

DCF 1.0

…or maybe you want something completely different. It is up to you! And to sweeten the deal they are offering a 20% discount to any of my readers who want to place an order! Use the code Lin20 as many times as you want between now and November 21st.  Please note: You must log in and use the coupon code to see the 20% savings.You can tell your friends too and make sure they come by for their chance to win or use the coupon to get a head start on Christmas shopping! Check out their kits and specials for additional savings.   Alright, now for a video tutorial so you can see these wonderful templates in action:

I think these DIY card kits would make a fabulous gift or craft fair items. It is also a chance to use some of those embossing folders we crafters tend to collect…or is that just me? I think I will make some in wild bright primary colors (hubby’s idea) for children’s cards and some with more sentiments. I am considering taking special orders for these and bringing them to my next craft fair, I think they are a super gift (but I don’t want to sell out of my stash because I plan on giving some too!)

DCF 1.0

You could also use the portfolio to make a painting studio on the go, put a small palette of paints and a waterbrush on one side and cut watercolor paper on the other, instant art studio!

DCF 1.0

Use this idea with the supplies you have in the colors you like. I’m sure you can make a perfect stationary set for anyone.

DCF 1.0

So, to recap: Visit Green Sneakers and check out the goods, leave a comment on my blog letting us know what TWO templates you want if your name is drawn. That’s it. Easy Peasy. If you feel the urge to shop use the coupon Lin20 to save 20% on your order. This contest is open to U.S. residents only, sorry for any inconvenience:) Good luck! Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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106 Responses

  1. Wow! I had never seen this site before and they have great stuff. If I won I’d really like the lick & stick (been looking for envelope glue for ever) and the Portfolio card holder. Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. Hi Ms L, greensneakers link w as great. I can get a lot of use from the A6 and the action card making template. Also a great resource for stick and lick glue. But really, who can stop at just 2?

  3. Hi Lindsay. Great idea. I would just LOVE to win those 2 stencils you use in the video.

  4. I have the envelope template and just love it. The magic and swivel templates intrigue me. Think of all the possibilities.

  5. great templates i would LOVE to win the C5 C5 Kreate-a-lope® Envelope Template and the liner template to match – wow imagine what envelopes i can make to match my cards – thank you for a chance to win such a brilliant product

  6. This is great, Lindsay! I would love to win the bakers box template and the cake box template. There is so much I can think of to craft with these. Hugs~Lynda

  7. I have been thinking about this gift set ever since I watched your YouTube video on it the other day. I would love to win the envelope make and portfolio maker you featured (though the site has many other cool products as well!) so that I could make these as Christmas gifts. I am completely broke this year, and I know my mom and her friends in the nursing home would love to receive these sets. Thanks for the chance to win as well as for the great blog and videos!

  8. What a fun video. I have some of the envelope templates, and I would love the portfolio maker and a 3″ envelope maker to go with it.

    Thanks for sharing your time and talents with us.

    Take care.


  9. Sadness! I live in the UK. :( Those templates are awesome.

  10. Thanks for the oppotunity. I would love the A6 & A7 envelope templates. I was planning to buy a whole bunch of these templates very soon but it would be great to win them too ;)

  11. Love this system. I have some of the card templates, so easy! I would like to give the Bag/Box template and Portfolio Card Holder a try if I win. Thanks!

  12. Love the green sneakers website — such cool templates. I would like to win the flip card template and the 3 tier card template.

  13. Create -a – lope A2 envelope maker and the A2 Swivel card are the two templates I would love to win! Thanks for the great post today!

  14. I love the A2 Swivel Card Template and the A2 Slider Card Template. I have alwayw wanted to try these difficult cards. I have arthritis and it is sometimes difficult to make challenging cards. But, I always give it my all in any project.

  15. I would love the A2 envelope maker That looks so much easier than the Creative Memories one

  16. Really neat site! Thanks for sharing this and the opporutunity to win templates too! I love the dress-box bag template and the cake box template. TFS Hugs, Kristina

  17. Talk about embossing folder collections. I think I have the mother lode. I love that portfolio idea with the art supplies. Good gift for my daughter in law.

  18. Really like the portfolio idea as a gift. I was going to try and work out the dimensions myself – but the chance to win a create-a-lope folder template and an A7 envelope template would be great.

  19. Oh how fun! I actually have the
    Action Card Making Templates SUPER Mega Kit
    4-Pack Lick & Stick™ Remoistenable Envelope Glue
    on my wish list!
    If I had to pick two templates it would be
    Portfolio and the Flip Card
    Thanks Lindsay!

  20. I would love to win the portfolio template and the envelope template.
    Happy crafting. Smiles, Ruth

  21. I’ve seen this guy’s videos and they are very awesome! Thank you for the chance to have a couple of his templates! I had trouble picking 2 but here they are. Flip Card Template and #10 Slider Card Template. I really enjoy your videos Lindsay!
    Cynthia Murray

  22. Nice project! You made it look real simple. Would love the portfolio template. Thanks for the chance to win these templates.

  23. what a great make your portfolio with cards! thanks for the chance to win 2 templates…….for me the A2 slider card template and #10 slider card templates would be my choice.
    stamping sue

  24. AWESOME! Your tutorials are the best! Thanks for introducing me to another “need-to-have”… The two templates I’d pick are the A-2 swivel and the portfolio; they’d make a great birthday present for me. (Today is my 71st!) Thanks again for the opportunity.

  25. Another hit, Lindsey! I love action cards, and this makes it simple – no searching for the directions and measuring! But I won’t need to put that on my hope to win list, because I just had to order them along with the template for the portfolio box. (My name has never come up on a winners list anyway – ha, ha – and I just had to have them!) There is just no end to your amazing ideas! Thanks. Just in case I win I will put the portfolio template and slider card on my list – they would make awesome Christmas gifts!

  26. I have used Green Sneaker products since they first appeared on QVC!
    I would like to win the Portfolio Card Holder and the dress bag/box. Glad to see you like them too. Thanks, Lindsey!

  27. Hey Lindsay! I love Green Sneakers. Their stuff is ingenious! I would like the portfolio & waterfall card templates if I win! Love to you.

  28. Hi, i would love to win what Lindsay used in her tutorial: the A2 Kreate-a-lope and Portfolio templates. Thanks for the chance to win.

  29. Oh goodness, can’t pass this up. I would love to win the A2 Kreatealope and the Universal Pop-up template (stair step pop up). As I searched, I also thought the Free Style Parallelogram Envelope Template w/ Card and Liner Template, the Flip card template……one of each would be great to have. LOL Thanks for the chance to win.

  30. I would love to win the two templates you use in your tutorial since I can save the video and then rewatch it whenever I’m using them. Thanks!

  31. I am interested in the flip-it template and the #10 slider card template. I will probably purchase the flip-t one to save from ruining any more card stock.

  32. Great video. I have some templates from Greensneakers that I purchased years ago at Heirloom show from their booth. They are wonderful and last forever ! My favorite picks would be the Portfolio and the flip card. That looks like a great gift to have on hand. Thanks for all your inspiration.

  33. I like the portfolio template you used and I’ve seen some beautiful cake boxes made with that template.

  34. Great video, the portfolio is a perfect gift! I’d love to have the Portfolio template and the action cards.

  35. I would love to win the templates you used. I want to try making portfolios for gifts and you can always use a personalized envelope. Thanks for the contest and showing us how to use the templates. Love your site.

  36. Love it. I have had the create a lope for years also. Would love to have any of the templates. You make the call. Have a good one.

  37. I would love to have the create a lope they look like they are so easy to use and the universal pop up template would be great! I love to watch all your videos! You make every thing look easy to accomplish!!

  38. Watched the Green Sneakers videos…they are so well done and love the ideas! If I were chosen, I would love the 3-tier slider card and the A2 slider card templates. Thanks Lindsay!

  39. Oops…forgot to ask what gear die set you used???

  40. If you pick me I would like the A2 liner template and the lick and stick envelope glue. Cool products!!

  41. I don’t have any of their products so the choice for just two was hard but I finally decided that I would pick the waterfall card template and the flip card template.

  42. Thanks for the great video tutorial Lindsay! I love Green Sneakers Kreat-a-lope templates. Went to the site and was pleasantly surprised to see so many new templates. I currently have 7 of them and was blown away to see that there are now 22 plus other fablulous templates! I am really loving the 3 x 3″ and the ATC Templates. Thanks bunches for the chance to win them. Hugs Lori

  43. I would choose the #10 Slider, and the A2 card Kreator. Great video Lindsay….you always make everything look soooooo simple!!!
    Paper Hugs

  44. Just love um !!! I have order some of the normal templates but I would love to have these !! So unusual and different !! Didn’t even know they did it !!
    Great job for the mixed of colors and patterns !!!

  45. Cool! I would love to try these! Great video Lindsay! And thanks for the opportunity to win!

  46. Thank you for the chance to win. I have the envelope templates and I love them. I love the personal touches I can do with them to go with the card I have created. I would love to win the portfolio card holder and the A 2 liner template please.

  47. Giving someone a gift like that is a great idea….and I’m loving that embossing folder and die set you used. That would be so great for cards for men. Those are now on my wish list.

  48. Hey Lindsay, awesome video as always!! I would love to have the
    A2 Kreate-a-lope® Envelope Template & the Baker’s Box Template

  49. Great video! I would love to win the A2 Kreatealope envelope template and the portfolio template. Thanks!

  50. Thanks for the portfolio ideas for Xmas gifts. So pretty, easy and quick to do which is sooo great! I would love to win the portfolio or bakers box templates! Either would make a great addition to my own Kreate-a-Lope card and envelope templates. Let the drawing games begin and Happy Vet’s Day!
    Take Care,
    Tina K.

  51. Your DIY card assembly stationery kits are great ideas for gifts. My first two (of many) choices would be the A2 Card Kreator Template and the A2 Kreate-a-lope Envelope Template. Keep the great projects coming!

  52. Good Afternoon Lindsay, I just love what you made and you do it so effortless. I looked over the website and they have such wonderful things. But if I win I would love it so much to get the Portfolio maker and Popcorn bag maker. Thank you so much for the videos and the giveaway, I have my fingers crossed wish me luck. Until your next video take care, I can’t wait. Love it, Luana

  53. Wow! This is such a great site. So much to send our imagination into orbit. I would chose the Portfolio Template and the Kreate-a-lope Envelope template. My 94 yr old mom would have a ball with these. Something we could do together, when she is not making cards.

  54. Great project and gift.

  55. ok so I know you are already a famous blogger and all, but I awarded you the Liebster award. You deserve a much bigger award, especially since you put up with me and taught me about blogging!!! Love ya Lindsay :)

  56. Hi Linsay, so sad I can’t enter since I live in Australia – but I thought I’d mention for Australian readers that you can get the Kreate-a-lope template at http://www.craftonline.com.au. I think they have two sizes. Pity they don’t sell the portfolio template, I’d really like that one!

  57. thank you, Lindsey, I would like the “flip” & “swivel” card templates.

  58. I would love, love, love any of the card templates. Maybe the flip card and the waterfall card templates. They are all fantastic! Thank you Lindsey!!! Blessings

  59. They actually had quite a bit of templates online. For some reason all I saw last time I went there was the envelope one. I thought the portfolio you made was nice and the magic card on their website looked really cool. Thanks for another great idea.

  60. Great video and a great gift giving. could work for so many things. Thank you so much.

  61. I am *SO* glad I found you on YouTube! I’d choose the Portfolio Card Holder and the Bag/Box Template. Thanks!

  62. I’ve been using the A2 template for quite some time and I love it. I was going to buy the waterfall template at the heirloom convention this year, but he was only selling it in the large set of templates. I still really want it, and that portfolio is terrific. If lucky enough, that is what I would choose. Thanks for the opportunity.

  63. Oh man, I saw this guy demo the templates on QVC and HSN, then I saw your video for the flipcard. They looked amazing then and they look even better now. I think if given the chance to win would choose the A2 Slider and A2 swivel card (however the large cardmaking group would be a steal to have -mmmmm hint, hint hubby). Thanks for sharing and the opportunity to win a great product.

  64. Lindsay – how long is the coupon code good for? Thanks again for all of your wonderful videos, you are one of my favorite designers!!!

  65. Thanks to you, I already have the envelope templates and love them. So easy! I would choose the portfolio and the gift box/bag templates. Fun to make your own gift bags and I adore the portfolio idea you did!
    Thanks for all your inspiration!

  66. Lyndsay you rock! Oh my you have introduced me to so many yummy items! These more kreate-a-lope are no exception. I would love the portfolio one that you used and a baker’s Bo’s that would fit a 6×6 card. Thank you for a chance to win an awesome prize! Have a great day

  67. I watched all the videos and it’s really hard to pick just two but I would love to win the A2 envelope and the portfolio templates.

  68. Oh wow!! I have all the bag, envelope ones. I need the #10 Slider Card Template and the Portfolio Box Template. How fun!!!

  69. I wold also get the A2 kreatealope, and portfolio maker. They really have a lot of cool stuff!

  70. Well, well, Ms Lindsey, that is a nifty little gift project and Greensneakers was a fun site to visit. If I won, I would choose the A2 template and the box/bag template as my freebies. Or, maybe the bakers box and the portfolio template. Or, ……. you get the idea. I had no idea there were so many things I needed.

  71. Thanks for the video and the great idea for stationary set! Love the envelope makers. And thanks for the chance to win the templates. I’m not choosy, so I would settle with the 4.25 x 5.5 envelope template and the stationary template.

  72. Hi I looked over the wonderful envelopes and templates you showed. It was very hard choice. 2 but hear goes I would love the Card Making Templates, And the lick & Stick.

  73. Ooooooh, found a new favorite website!

    If I could choose only two (and this is hard for me), I would go with the portfolio template you used http://www.greensneakers.com/Portfolio-Box-Template.html because it is just so neat and useful. Not only could I use it to make great looking gifts, but if I went with a thick enough card stock I could use it for storage. :)

    The second template I would choose would have to be the business card, card creator http://www.greensneakers.com/Business-Card-Kreator-TM-Template.html (oh, and of course that means I would need the envelope maker too, sneaky sneaky). I could use it to dress up those holiday gift cards that we all will be giving out. The perfect way to finish off a nice handmade gift – for those who think my handmade gifts are just me being cheap.

    Thanks for sharing your crafty tips and projects, I just LOVE your videos and genuinely look forward to seeing them.

    Oh, and PS I will throw in a 3rd favorite just because you can do one BILLION things with it, the A2 card creator http://www.greensneakers.com/A2-Card-Template-1.html that is definitely on my wish list :)

  74. Entry for Carmen Hays who wants A2 and A7 kreatealope.

  75. i would love the Baker’s Box Template and the Portfolio Card Holder :)

  76. I so love your videos!!! Thanks for a chance to win some goodies!

  77. I would choose the A7 Kreat a lope template and the Slider Card Template. I loved your video on the portfolio and stationary, would make a lovely gift for the holidays or a really great hostess or teacher gift too!

  78. I would definitely choose that envie templatel, it’s awesome. I also like the A7 card creator template. These all look like a lot of fun. thanks for a great opportunity.

  79. Thank you so much for this great opportunity. I would definitely pick the Portfolio Card Holder and the A2 Card Kreator Template. I just love their products. Thank you for sharing Green Sneakers with us.

  80. Thanks for the chance to win.

  81. I would want the portfolio and the a2 card since that is the most common. Thanks for the chance to win.

  82. A2 card template and A2 envelope :)

  83. Thank you for the chance to win great prizes. I would pick the flip and the swivel templates. Thank you.

  84. Another fabulous tutorial! If I had to pick two, I’d go for the baker’s box template because it looks so versatile with all the different size possibilities, and just for fun, the ATC-size envelope template, because it just seems like a handy size for putting on presents, and someday, in all of my infinite time, I will start making ATCs, because hey, something fun to trade with people! Thanks for the giveaway, and I keep looking at my budget and that coupon code and thinking hard about giving in to temptation.

  85. Awesome giveaway! I would choose the A2 Envelope and 3×3 Envelope Templates.

  86. Hi Lindsey, I just finished watching your Ask a Crafter video #14, great stuff. I learn so much from your videos. If I win the templates, I would love to have the Bakers Box and the #10 Envelope Templates. I am hoping I win since my Golden (50th) birthday is on November 22, it would make a fabulous present and I would love you forever, actually I still would even if I did not win…. lol he he he….. Thanks for the opportunity.. IvetteAcosta@bellsouth.net

  87. I would like the 5 x 5 and the 6x 6 templates. Just started following you and enjoy your videos

  88. I’d really love to win and I’d choose the A2 Swivel Card Template and the A7 Card Making Template (it has the pop-up on it). It was hard to decide. There are so many great products on the website. AND Love this tutorial as always! Thanks for the opportunity to win a prize!

  89. or the 6 X6 and the A2 A7 6×6 Glue Special. All the products look so good it’s hard to choose…lol

  90. I like the A2 and A7 templates. I also love 4-Pack Lick & Stick™ Remoistenable Envelope Glue

  91. I love all your ideas. I like the A2 swivel card template and the A2 card creator. I’m also want the lick and stick envelope glue

  92. My choices would be A2 swivel card and A2 card creator.

  93. I would like the Kreate a lope template and the 5×5 create a card template, but I am also LOVING the A2 Slider Card Template. Way too difficult to only pick 2! I had a blast watching your most ‘Epic’ Ask A Crafter!

  94. boy oh boy I love lots of them but if I had to pick 2 I think I would say the Portfolio that you used in your video, and the A2 Swivel Card Template

  95. I like the A2 swivel card and portfolio template…thank you

  96. let’s see the portfolio template and the Swivel A2 card template….love your videos keep them coming please.

  97. Hello…I love your Ask A Crafter segment!! I would love to win the Portfolio Card Template and the Baker’s Box Template! Thanks so much!! <3 Rhonda

  98. I’m not sure if this is open internationally, but I would absolutely love the A2 envelope template and the A2 card “kreator” template. :) I really adore this portfolio set you’ve made, it’s just genius. I really think I’m going to have to buy myself some xmas presents from Green Sneakers :D

  99. What a deal! I would love to win the Portfolio Card Template and the Baker’s Box Template. Love watching you!!

  100. I never win anything but I will keep trying. I would love to get the templates A2 and A7.

  101. Oh, WOW!! It would be GREAT to win the Portfolio Card Holder and the Baker’s Box. I can see myself using that many, many times. And, thank you for all your fantastic ideas

  102. Wow! I really wanted to order the portfolio but the shipping was $6.30. I guess I’m too frugal to spend that much on shipping a piece of paper!

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