WOYWW: Tree of Life Beading Tutorial

Happy Wednesday folks! It is that time again to check in on the crafty workdesks of the world over at the Stamping Ground and here is mine…actually it is my coffee table because I have had some beads and wire upstairs since the weekend.  I have been slightly obsessed with wire this week after getting the coiling gizmo and now I can’t use up my wire fast enough!

DCF 1.0

I didn’t use the gizmo on this though, these are all hand wrapped. I just love the look of these organic pendents and I finally have a use for all of the semi precious chip beads I have been hoarding! These have rose quarts and some green mineral, tourmaline maybe…I should have written down what I bought from the rock shop, doh!

DCF 1.0

To keep this post from being super long I made a free printable PDF file of the tutorial complete with 13 step-by-step photos. You can print it now and create it when you have the time, warning it is addicting! This project will take about an hour.


I used macrame cord with an adjustable knot (video tutorial here) to make the manly-er version…huh, do you think a guy would wear this?

DCF 1.0

In other news I signed up for a spring fair to sell my crafts! I plan to put these pendents in the show, what do you think would be a fair price, be honest, I won’t be offended :D

DCF 1.0

That’s all for today. Be sure to hop over the Julia’s blog for more What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday fun. Until next time happy crafting!

DCF 1.0

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26 Responses

  1. Now those are really pretty, I have lots of beads I could use for those trees, I will be checking out the tutorial later this evening :D
    I’m off to visit some more busy desks! Have a lovely crafty week.
    Rum x

  2. Loving those trees! Have a great week! #55

  3. Happy WOYWW. They are adorable, and I would certainly pay a minimum of £10 each (not sure how much that is in dollars). I must not get into another craft!! Ali x #34

  4. These are so very pretty. I don’t think $10.00 would be a bad price at all. I am putting these on my list of things to try.

    Karen B.

  5. Nifty. It looks so..organic. You always have the best ideas :)

    Happy WOYWW


  6. Wow Lindsay, is there no end to your talents? You are so productive, too! Reading your blog does make me feel rather envious, not being able to do much more than the odd Zentangle these days! However, we hope it won’t be too long before we’ve moved into the new house and I’ve got my ARTHaven sorted.

    Many thanks for your visit and your lovely comment. I am feeling very upbeat and excited about the whole prospect of the move, and quite pleased that so far I am well on top of the packing up, both here and at Mum’s. The secret is starting in good time, doing a little each day and pacing oneself, I think.

    re my hubby – he hardly ever goes on my blog! I did read him what I’d written about his bonfire though!! He’s suffering for it now because his back is bad again. That’ll learn ‘im, as we say this side of the Pond! I’m not wasting too much sympathy on him!!!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshii #84

  7. Thank you for this tutorial. Looks like a great project to try.
    I would price these at $20. Anything hand made that takes an hour to do with worth that much.

  8. These are beautiful, I love the way you’ve incorporated the gems in to the design. MMx #39

  9. These are really beautiful thank you for sharing the tutorial I shall be giving it a go
    you have used some really lovely beads in great colours
    Happy WOYWW

  10. These are so amazing. Your wrapping is awesome! So great.

  11. Can’t imagine you have ANY wire left after seeing your winding Gismo…LOL! That looked like soooooo much fun. AND, you found a beautiful new use for it….your pendants are beautiful! As to a price….that is a tough question. Wire isn’t cheap, nor are the stones…so not really knowing, my guess would be $25. I would venture to say, add up the cost of products used, double that and hopefully you have your price that is not out of sight! LOL!
    Paper hugs,
    PS…curious to know what your price will be when you decide. Tnx.

    • Oh I was using wire like it was going out of style. I restocked at ACmoore it was all 40% off and I bought several colors of copper. I kind of wish I waited and got the coiling tool they sell at AM because it is 50 cents more but has 4 sizes of coils to make and clams to the table instead of having to be screwed to it. Oh well:) I was thinking about $20 for the pendants on the ribbon, I’ll post what I finally settle on:)

  12. Oh those are so pretty. Not sure what I would charge as I’ve not tried anything like that. Adding up cost of materials and then doubling at least sounds like a good idea. Happy Woyww Anne x #137

  13. That coiling gizmo looks like a lot of fun!

  14. Well, now I think I must have one of those coiling gizmo’s too! Even though you didn’t use them on this project, which is a really fab project by the way. I have a bunch of those chip pieces I need to use up, as well, and this looks like the perfect way to use them! :) Will have to check out the tutorial, huh? Thanks for sharing, Deeyll #138

  15. Will you let me know when you decide on a price? I would love to have one!

    • Hi Dina K, I decided on $20 for these but I came up with a similar tree I can sell for less, I will email you:)

  16. Hello Lindsey

    first off your creations has just about got me inspired to have a go at it and pull out the supplies I have been getting (on clearance of course!!!)..anywhooo…I have favor…I have to create an over the top card with angry birds theme…only problem I do not know this game!!! You have kids…I am sure they all have that inset of that game HAHA…I have googled..looked..read…I don’t think I am going to have this figured out in next day…here is crossing my fingers they possess the knowledge…oh I hope…Ok…what are items in the game and what for????? ex do they toss??drop explode…yes this is a 3 dimensional cascade type of a card…I am totally winging this one here! I get the basic characters and gameplay..I need to know about items used/found during it…so I can place them appropriately….
    Thanks in advance as I am seeing birds flying from reading so much!
    Jackie P

    • First of all thanks for your comment Jackie! I have a son (and husband) who enjoy angry birds. I even made “andry bird” cupcakes for my son’s birthday last year. The premise of the game is simple. Zombie pigs steal the birds eggs and the birds in turn try to knock down the zombie pigs houses by launching themselves with a slingshot at the zombie pigs. I know. Silly. ha ha so you could make a spinner card with the birds spinning and the zombie pigs at each end getting hit by them. Download the free game and see, you will have lots of ideas and the characters can be made with basic paper punches or die cuts:) Have fun with this!

  17. So deeply beautiful..gorgeous and stunning work..and such a sacred symbol..very very special! Shine on..fantastic work!
    Happy WOYWW

  18. Oh my these are beautiful. I shant be making one because making one leads to more and then i have another stash of stuff to use and i can’t buy time enough! Love your clear photos too, it’s the nicest share.

  19. These are beautiful Lindsay!

  20. Beautiful, Lindsay! Thanks for the tutorial links. Creative Blessings. Kelly #124

  21. Wowzers! These are goegeous! Love my wire coiler. I have the one with five diff sizes and it screws to the desk. My hands won’t do the clamp. Am going to print your PDF, thanks, and give these a try. I don’t have the fab stones that you do but I’ll use mine as charms for projects. Thanks for a fabulously inspiring WOYWW, even if I am late. a couple days late Happy WOYWW! Nan #25

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