Video Tutorial: DIY Honeycomb Paper!

Edit: I created a SVG and a SCUT2 file to cut the file folder to make the glue jig. You can download it here. You can download a .cut file here for use with Design Studio, use layer 1 if you have George cart or layer 2 if you have Plantain Schoolbook. You can use a 12″x12″ mat, just let the rest of the file folder hang off the edge or use the 12″x24″ mat. Line the fold up to the 10″ mark so the slits will start 1/2″ away from the fold. See the video for an explanation of the technique before cutting the jig. :)

I love the look of honeycomb pop-ups on cards and tags. What I don’t love is the price. I have seen the Inky Antics Honeypop paper in a few online shops and it is $6 for a 5″x7″ piece of honeycomb tissue and, while beautiful, it is just too expensive for tissue paper (for me anyway) so I decided to try to make my own…and I did! Here is my homemade version:

It is easy to make, albeit a bit time-consuming. It take about 20 minutes to make a pad of tissue paper but it is something I can do while I watch TV (better than polishing off a bag of chips, know what I’m sayin?) and it saves me a bundle, it costs me about .30 cents to make vs. $6 to buy. See the video to learn how:

Here are some close up pics of the projects in the video:

This is a close up of the large pom-pom made with coffee filters I sprayed with ink and let dry before gluing.

Try it, you’ll like it! There is something magical about seeing that honeycomb paper the first time! If you have any questions just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you. Thanks for stopping by and til next time happy crafting!

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49 Responses

  1. Wow! Amazing and so clever. I must give this a try. Thanks for sharing.xx

  2. You never cease to amaze me! I have bought some honeycomb ornaments after Christmas and Valentine’s day, knowing I could use them in cards. I have been so unsure how to use them but now watching your incredible video, not only do I know how to use them I also know how to make them! Thank you!

  3. This is awesome – I can’t wait to try this! I realize I alredy have the perfect jig, too – my plaid maker that I bought years ago.

    • that’s right, I totally forgot about that (I don’t have one but gee, I can make one LOL!)

      • OK, can’t wait to see THIS now! You are incredible and thanks so much for sharing your talent with us!

  4. Wow, way cool! I used to used those honeycomb papers, years ago while teaching art at a local community day camp in NY! Kids love playing with them!

    By the way that magazine is interested in using the Steampunk stuff, I sent them pictures, but I am not sure of the quality of the shots…I would do them over if they would ask me…have not heard from them yet. Thanks for telling me of that.

  5. How cool is this!!! You are so amazing- I love your videos!!! I love the coffee filter honeycomb in the pinks- and love the idea of making honeycombs out of colored tissue papers…..! Wow! Thanks so much!

  6. Oh, Lind! Thanks so much; I’ve been googling the web, but all I’ve found is how they make it to sell. You are a genius. Do you have the template? I have MTC, and scal, and DS. I’d love to have the file to cut mine too!



    • I cut it with my gypsy but I will make a scut file and upload it tonight, do you have the 12″x12″ mat?

      • What about those of us who are too cheap to invest in the cutting machines? Can we do anything by hand? I hope so!

      • you can cut it with an x-acto knife just fine (and probably just as quickly:)

  7. You are a genious!!It is alot of work but I love the outcome! Since you used your cricut, do you have a DS or Gypsy file for the jug you made? And, if so, would you be willing to share? I really want to try this.

  8. You are a genius. I just recently found your blog and it’s become one of my favorites. Thanks for your energy and ideas. Love the honeycomb projects.

  9. Thanks so much for the tutorial! I never would have thought of this!

  10. I would love the scut file also for the jig. Where would I find it?

    • I just uploaded it, the link is at the top of the post:)

    • I tried to download it and a box comes up that I either have to log in or sign up. I filled the sign up box but nothing, can you help me with this cuz I love your honeycomb work.

      • OOOOPS, I just downloaded the svg file……………it lays on my visual mat as a 6.879 x 8.800 dimensions folder. Do I need to enlarge this and to what size? Would I need my 12 x 24 mat to cut this on a folded file? Thank you sooooo much, you are so talented. Again, thx.

      • I’m glad you got the file. The height of the rectangles is 11″, each rectangle is 1/2″ wide. That should give you the correct proportion for the silhouette. If you can select the entire design and lock the proportions and set it to 11″ tall you will be in business:) I just used my 12″x12″ mat and let the folder hand off the edge:)

      • I did supposedly make a honeycomb last nite, however, I realized I didn’t do the right thing. I layered each piece of tissue paper on top of the previous one up to the fold (not knowing why I taped the black strip on). Then I realized that wasn’t the correct way to do it. GRRRRRRRRr. When I tried to open it like you showed on video after it dried it seemed like it is honeycomb but not sure. It doesn’t want to open up like you showed it, kinda hard to get apart evenly. Is that how you found yours to work?

      • Hey Rosie,
        Each time you glue you need to move the paper, the glue needs to offset. If yyou glue one paper with the edge of the paper lined up to the fold you glue the next paper lined up the the other edge of the black strip. Watch the glueing part of the video again and you will get it. PS I did the smae thing you did the first time I tried to make it ha ha!

      • Wowee!!!!!!! I’m as happy as a lark………..this last batch I did in a soft pink and I am so pleased with the outcome. Don’t feel so silly if you did the same thing the first time. Now I need to come up with a stamp to incorporate the honeycomb – time for zzzzzzzz’s but anxious to do that tomorrow. Thank you so much for sharing this – I love it!!!!!!!1

  11. What a great idea, on my bucket list!

  12. Great idea, thanks for sharing! Valerie

  13. Such a generous act to share your knowledge.
    Surely I need to give this a go!!!!
    Thank you – your end projects are striking and so wonderful.

  14. I wish you would have written instructions. I only have 5 MB’s a month for my computer which I have to share with my hubs so I can’t watch videos. They eat up too much of my MB’s. One of the few downsides of living in a remote area

    • Hi Linda, give me a few days and I’ll try to write it out clearly for you in a new post:) I didn’t even consider people having limited internet:(

  15. FANTASTIC! Thanks for this!

  16. I was just now able to watch this and girl you are AMAZING!!!! This is a technique I will DEFINATELY be using!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing it with us!!!!!! You are AWESOME!!!

  17. You a an absolute treasure. I wish the dollar store was opened right now so I could purchase some tissue. I can not thank so enough for sharing your knowledge with all of us. God bless you
    Sue Kaye

  18. This is AWESOME. Not sure how I happened upon this video but I am too thrilled for words. Can’t wait to try it. I will be able to finish my Easter cards for sure now. Thank you, thank you, thank you. ….ash

  19. Thanks for the file, Lindsay!

    Carmen L

  20. Looks amazing – will have to give it a try!

  21. I have been wanting to make cards using these little honeycomb shapes. After a year of searching for small ones without success, I found the pads you mentioned. Having no further luck, I finally broke down and bought some. Sigh. I LOVE that you’ve shown us how to make them ourselves! !! And easy enough I think I can actually do that!! Thank you!!!

  22. I’d love written instructions for the jig, too, so I can make a cutting file for the Silhouette crowd! Very nice technique; thank you for sharing it!

  23. Thanks, I loved watching the video – it is so easy and I would have never thought I could make honeycomb papers. I might try a plastic file folder for the jig.

  24. This is so cool. Thank you so much for putting out this tutorial. I always love to see what you’ve come up with!

  25. Wow Lindsay, this is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your talent with all of us, you are totally amazing!

  26. Hi Lindsay
    I’m going back and catching up on posts and videos that I missed while we had company and then we were all sick. This technique is awesome!!! I know I’ve said it many times, but I have to say it again, You come up with THE MOST AMAZING ideas. I don’t know how you figure these things out. Thanks for sharing your incredible gift with us.

  27. Hi Lindsay, I don’t have an electronic cutting machine, but would like to make the glue gig, can I have the detailed dimension for cutting the rectangles and the dimension of the spacing inbetween? Thanks!

    • Hi Lina,
      On the front cover of the file folder cut 1/2″x11″ rectangles with 1/2″ space in between. You will have 9 rectangles in all. Good luck!

  28. Hi Lindsay,
    Thank you for showing us how to make honey comb paper! I am planning my friends wedding shower and would love to make the coffee filter globes i dyed the filters purple and had a question as to after i glue the 45 filters, how do i make it into a globe? Do i cut them in half as you did with the tissue paper honey comb?

    • yes, ma’am! And use white glue like elmers, the glue stick will not hold the filters. I’d love to see a photo when you are done!

  29. You are too brilliant for words. LOVE the jig!

  30. Wow!! really good video! Thanks!!
    Gonna make loads of them for hanging in the christmas tree!!

  31. My daughter saw the tissue globes in a party supply magazine and said she simply must have them for her birthday… enter your website… I am working on them but I didn’t have the “spray ink” that you talked about… the alternative I went with was water and food coloring in a spray bottle… worked wonderfully!

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