It’s Wednesday and that means time for WOYWW! Before I show you my mayhem and foolishness that is my work desk(s) this week have a look at this pretty card:


Now, my room is a total wreck today because the item sitting on the corner of this work table.


Yep,  saved some of my Christmas money and bought a Teresa Collins Stampmaker!!! (totally worth 3 exclamation points BTW) I have been wanting one for about a year!  I got the starter kit on sale at Custom Crops for $100 and I am glad I did because it is $152 now! I made the cameo stamp using the fonts DB cameo and DB cameo busts from Lettering delights, they have such pretty dingbats and fonts, I love their stuff!


So, the stampmaker is Totally. Freakin. Awesome!!! I played with it all morning and made a bunch of stamps. I first made a stamp with one of the predesigned negatives that came in the kit and then I printed my own negatives to make my own designs. I have wanted to make this library card into a stamp for the longest time!

All have more on the stampmaker later. I am having a couple of friends over to play with it tomorrow, I want to try making the embossing plates and stencils too. It is so much fun and honestly, I am still amazed that it works! I’ll leave you with one more sweeping vista of my train-wreck of a craft room. I’ll have to clean it up before my crafty friends arrive;) Till next time happy crafting!

22 Responses

  1. I love the library card stamp! (Was that too obvious?) What a beautiful Mother’s Day card, too.

  2. I have the teresa collins stamp maker ;-( unfortunately I have been moving and haven’t had the chance to play with it…

    your card is beautiful

  3. thanks again for your wonderful ideas. Luv 2 see where u work, it’s like looking over Ur shoulders. Thank You..I wish you could show your racks for your punches!

    • I don’t have many punches, I just toss them in a couple plastic bins I bought at the $1 store. You can see one on the table, it is the white one next to the stampmaker on the table.

  4. Awesome job on your stamps and your projects!! You have inspired me to get my Stampmaker out of the box and use it!!! Thank you!!

  5. LIndsay – your stamps looks awesome (and the card is gorgeous)! And congrats on the TC Stampmaker….can’t wait to see more from you

  6. wowzers, you have an awesome amount of scrapping supplies! Have fun playing with your stamp maker, waving hi from the beautiful hills of North Carolina :)

  7. Gorgeous card, love your stamp too. Can;t wait to see what you make next!

  8. what a great art room. Lots of toys. I have and have used my Stamp maker and not as happy as you, that’s for sure. I do calligraphy and hoping to make stamps from it, but found parts of the rubber just fell apart. Very disappointed. So my stamp maker languishes in another room…
    Have a great day

    • Hi Yogi, I think if you bake the back of the stamp for a few seconds before you process it it will be more durable. I had to do that with my library card stamp and I had to be careful when I scruubed it out after the first process. Do give it another try!

  9. So happy to see another “room in work”. I live in a tiny caravan and my bed is part of my craft space. So have to clean all off each night to climb in under the covers. Thought I must have been a messy crafter but no others are the same. How can you craft and stay immaculate
    . No creativity there!!

  10. Wow, your workroom is amazing, my mouth fell open when I saw it. Looks like a craft supply store. Lucky you!

  11. What a fabulous craft room! Have a great crafty week. Happy WOYWW!
    ((Lyn)) #26

  12. Your mother’s day card design is very pretty, I love the cameo. Thanks for the tip on using font designs to make stamps I didn’t think about that. BTY, your craft room pictures say to me that you are not frugal when buying crafting supplies!!!!!

  13. I am interested to see how you continue to get on with the stamp maker. It sounds brilliant, but I have read very mixed reviews. I get the feeling that you either love it or hate it. Hope it continues to do well for you. I am waiting for a couple of stamps to come from Clarity that are being custom made for me. Can’t wait to see how they turn out. Have a good week. xx Maggie #8

    • I made a bunch more stamps today. After messing one up with really fine lines I remembered a tip to flip the clap and place it in the stamp maker for 3 seconds, then flip it right way around nd process as usual. I did 5 seconds and it was perfect! In case you are wondering 7 seconds is too much (don’t ask me how I know LOL) I am absolutly delighted with my stamp maker. I even make a stencil and some embossing plates. The other tip it to make sure the printer spits out as much black as possible. Select “best”, photo paper and black ink only and you should be set. I did a lot of research bfore buying. I almost didn’t because of mixed reviews I read but do your research and take your time and you will be fine.

  14. What a fun fun toy! How cool to make your very own stamps! Can’t wait to see all the great images you create!

  15. Wow an amazing space – that stamp maker is fab, I saw it on tv and thought if only I could afford it. Glad you’re pleased with it, may have to save up! Take care & enjoy this week’s WOYWW, it’s now Friday & I’m still snooping! Zo xx 60

  16. Such a beautiful card and I am way envious of your TC stamp maker!
    Yes, that’s exactly why I chose the title of my blog, you are the first person to pick up on that :o)

  17. What an amazing craft room! And a lovely card!

  18. Not into making my own stamps but i sure love your room. Very nice and full of fabulous goodies!

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