Make your own Dew Drops!

OK first I need to thank Linda from Vegas for her comment yesterday, she asked if I knew how to make my own dew drops. I thought that you could make something similar with hot glue, a non stick craft sheet and alcohol ink.  I think they came out really well:

Home made "dew Drops" made with hot glue!

Home made “dew Drops” made with hot glue!

Here is how to make faux Dew Drops:

Lay out a non stick craft sheet or hot glue mat. They are made out of silicone and nothing sticks to them! Heat up a glue gun with a clear hot glue stick in it.

Drops of hot glue on a non-stick craft mat

Drops of hot glue on a non-stick craft mat

Squeeze out little drops of glue.To avoid “strings” twirl the glue gun in a small spiral when you lift it off the drop. Don’t worry if you get glue strings, they will pull off easily later.

Color the "dew drops" in a baggie, so neat!

Color the “dew drops” in a baggie, so neat!

You can leave the drops clear or put some in a baggie with 2 or 3 drops of alcohol ink and smoosh them around with your fingers. Dump them out on a scrap of paper to dry. They dry quick!

Ta-Da! Almost as good as the real deal!

Ta-Da! Almost as good as the real deal!

I’m gonna make some more tonight! you can get a hundred form a 10 cent glue stick. How cool (and frugal) is that! If you don’t want to bother with making your own you can buy them at The Rubber Cafe.

Have fun making this, try making other embellishments with hot glue, squeeze out hearts, frames and swirls, you can even make faux wax seals by squirting out a dab of glue and pressing a small rubber stamp in it then painting the cool glue seal with metallic acrylic paint. Just be sure to protect your stamp by covering it with clear ink first and let it cool before you remove the stamp from the glue!

Thanks for stopping by and as always happy crafting!

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69 Responses

  1. Wow Lindsay!! This is really cool…those drops are great! Thanks for showing !

  2. Well this is just brilliant! I know what I’m doing today. I’d like to pass on a “your blog is fabulous” award. Please visit my blog to pick up the photo and get the info. Thanks again for all your work.

  3. That is awesome. I never would have guessed you could use alcohol ink to tint the color of the glue. That is a major tip for me. Thanks!

  4. Holy Cow! Lindsay you are a genius!! How cool is that!! great job!!

    Hugs, Melissa

  5. Do you know if this works with Stazon Inks also?

  6. Lisa D, It should work just fine with the STaz-On. I’d try the reinker if you have it rather than the pad.

  7. WOW that is really awesome!!!! I soooo wish you lived next door to me…I’d be over bugging you every 5 mins…everything from crafting to vegetarian stuff! YOU ROCK!

  8. I love this! I just might break out my glue gun tomorrow! :) What kind of adhesive do you use to attach them? Will a liquid glue that dries clear work well?

  9. Hi Tam, I have a simple solution for gluing: the cheap little glue pens sold at craft stores meant for kids. Thet have white glue in them and there refillable (probably not after a kid got done with them LOL!) they are cheap, about $2 for 10.

  10. I made something like this years ago (without coloring them with alcohol ink) … why I didn’t remember it when all the skittles/dew drops came on the scene I’ll never know. THANK YOU for reminding me!

    to glue them down…. I use to heat up my glue gun, touch the base of my homemade dew drop to the hot metal for just a second or two to make it sticky … now it’s ready to adhere! Alcohol ink shouldn’t conflict with the hot glue, right??

  11. These are so cool. I tried them tonight and used perfect pearls (different colors) and they look like the real thing! I tried coloring one with a copic marker (alcohol ink) and it didn’t work well at all. Didn’t have any alcohol reinkers on hand. Still experimenting. Thanks!

  12. Where’s my glue gun?…

  13. Looks like a grand idea. Ever thought of making them with the glitter glue sticks. Bet those would look great too.

  14. [...] I love how the dew drops sparkle! You can but them at the rubber cafe or if you have a glue gun you can make something similar, read how here. [...]

  15. Great idea! They turned out wonderfully. Thanks for the tip!

  16. What a great idea. Can’t wait to try it. I’m always looking for a bargain.

  17. What a clever person you are. I’m anxious to try this out. You could even mix colors to get something different.

  18. Lindsay,
    I tried making the “fake dewdrops” this afternoon – I guess I should say, I made the fake dewdrops and they look pretty good. Are they supposed to get hard? Mine are still soft – even after cooling down. Any suggestions?


  19. Thanks. This is way better than what I do.

    I normally just put dots of hot glue where I want them to be and then use a small brush to dab some colour onto them. Using your method I can do heaps in one sitting – much more time efficient.
    I might even try to make some hearts for Valentine’s day with the red glitter sticks I have. Ohh the possibilities!

  20. hi Carmen, They should get pretty hard, not a hard as glass or acrylic bu they shouldn’t dent when pressed, they should hold their shape, but they are a bit softer than dew drops.

  21. Fantastic idea. I have learned so much.

  22. [...] used my homemade dew drops for inexpensive embellishing! I colored them with Watercolor Crayons and a blender pen but you can [...]

  23. Thank you for this tip. I will surely give it a try very soon.

  24. What a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  25. OMGosh! I have to try this! You are one clever and frugal crafter! Thanks.

  26. Wow! This may be the greatest little trick I have learned! Absolutely fantastic. You are a genius…and love to save $ too.

  27. Great tip ! Thanks for sharing, can’t wait to try this.

  28. What a scathingly brilliant idea!

  29. super, dat ga ik ook eens proberen

  30. I took my glue drops and painted them with nailpolish and they look like pearls. Thanks for getting my own creative juices flowing.

  31. [...] and if you like the dew drops on the card I made those too very inexpensively, see my tutorial here. But if it seems like too much trouble you can get the store bought ones [...]

  32. I didn’t have any alcohol inks so I colored them up w/ Sharpie pens….I think it’s fine…..I’ll try it w/the alcohol inks….It’s hard to get specific items where I live so I am so excited I can finally have dew drops of my own making them the size I want, whenver I want. Thanks for sharing your ideas…you rock!

  33. It’s very hard to find anywhere in Australia that sells Dew Drops or similar — I’m going to give this a go!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!! :)

  34. WOW just found your site today and I am in LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. [...] not just for hair styling anymore…Hair gel was used to make the water in this card and my homemade dew drops are the bubbles. This is a cute, fun, quick card you can send to anyone you want to catch up with. [...]

  36. AWESOME!!! Thanks for helping me save some $$$ with your tutorial.

  37. [...] the bingo card. I use a lable maker for the “we will” and added a hit of sparkle wih my homemade dew drops. Thanks for stopping by and happy [...]

  38. [...] Then today I found out how to make my own!  Isn’t that great!!! I’ve yet to try it, but it looks super duper simple!!!! Check it out here! [...]

  39. How do I subscribe to your blog?

    • Hi Joan,
      I think if you click the orange square either in the browser (where the web page address is) that will do it.

  40. to make that

  41. Hey Lindsay,
    I saw this post a while back and I have been wanting to make some ever since! I looked in the craft section today for the alcohol ink at Wal-Mart. Where can you buy this? I have never heard of alcohol ink.

    • Hi Tamera, I get mine at AC moore or JoAnns. It is $10 for a 3 pack and I use a coupon of course!

  42. [...] design. You can use ore than one color if you want. pretty cool huh? One more thing I used my hot glue dots dusted with pearl ex to make the “pearls” (Thanks Tracey for the new glue gun, It works [...]

  43. great idea
    wonder if it will work with the coloured or glittery glue sticks
    thank you so much for this
    your blog is wonderful

  44. Hi ladies, this was great ideah, I also bought colored glue sticks and used them, works great.
    thanks for the ideah,

  45. After reading this post I had to tried this for sure! You are so creative. I had some glue sticks but they weren’t clear, so I went to Joanns and bought some that looked clear to me. However, after making my dew drops with these, they didn’t dry clear. They looked just like the ones I had tried making with the non-clear sticks I had. Yours look really clear, see through almost. Is that so? or is it the picture? Which brand did you use? Does it specifically say clear on the outside? Sorry for all the questions. TIA

  46. [...] Drops” are little dabs of hot glue I colored with alcohol inks, for a tutorial click here. I stamped the butterfly on diamond dust paper with stazon ink and I used one of my little crochet [...]

  47. OMG…this is genius!!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  48. wow i made some of these before..yours look a whole lot better than mine! Good Job!

  49. Thanks so much for sharing this. These drops are not readily available in Australia, so I am definitely going to have a go myself.
    Thanks Again.

    • If it is hot where you are working (it can get pretty hot in Austrailia right?) Place the glue sticks in the freezer for an hour or so before using, also if you have an air conditioned room or a cool basement to work in it will help reduce glue strings. I have great luck making these in my cool basement art studio ;)

  50. [...] are just little dabs of hot glue that I dusted with pearl ex, for a tutorial click here. Save those shavings! watercolor crayons shavings make great paint, I sharpen mine with a craft [...]

  51. [...] clean cut. The flowers were punched with an EK success punch and inked in turquoise ink. I used my homemade dew drops with a dusting of pearl-ex to top them off. Here is a close [...]

  52. Thank you so much for the Glue dot tip, I use these with my pre-school sunday school class they love them an no mess with the Glue.Thank you
    May God Bless

  53. Did you use high temp or low temp glue sticks?

  54. [...] transparency use Solvent ink such as Staz-On or plain old acrylic paint. I used my famous “hot glue dew drops” (another great used for alcohol ink!) to embellish these pieces as well as some Doodlebug [...]

  55. This is amazing! Great thanks!

  56. Thanks for the great idea!!! I tried these the other night, and the drops turned out great, but when I tried to dye them, the color all rubbed off. I used a re-inker and I thought that would work, but it obviously didn’t. Is an alcohol ink necessary to dye these nifty creations???

    • Hi Rebekah,
      Yep, you need alcohol ink (I use my 50% off coupon at AC moore to buy 3 packs) but you can also color them with a sharpie/copi or bic marker while it is stuck to the mat as they contain alcohol ink too:)

  57. oh, great idea. I can see, maybe, one could make a spiral out of glue also…hmm; off to try this. Thanks.

  58. love your ideas! Thanks!

  59. I don’t know WHY I bother to search google when just the information I need about crafting is always here! You are the best and thank you SO very much for sharing the information with us!

  60. my daughter is making these right now! thanks for post!

  61. Thanks this is a great Tut, xx

  62. I will be doing these in all different colors! WOW!

  63. Oh Lindsey, I totally forgot about dew drops going to have to try these this week. thanks for reminding us of this.

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